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Rose Water

5 Awesome ways to use rose water for a glowing skin

Rose water is often used by lots of people in their day to day life to take care of their beauty regime. This unique...
Home-made shampoo

5 Awesome Recipes to make your own Homemade Shampoo

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: Shampoos and conditioners contain problematic chemicals which are harmful. Although most you should be aware of this...
Tea Tree Oil

Top 7 Beauty Benefits of Tea tree oil

If you’ve been pouring your efforts to get beauty benefits from oils and concluded that no oil is working better for you? Then don't worry...

Can the colour of your teeth really affect your destiny?

It takes over 10 seconds for creating a first impression and whether we like it or not it is a fact that we are...

7 Things brides should do the month of their wedding

The wedding day is one of most special milestones of one’s life and naturally every bride wants to make it a perfect occasion. This...
physio rolls in physiotherapy

The importance of physio roll in physiotherapy

Physio roll is a tool made of foam which falls under category- 1 of medical device. It is a therapeutic product used for treating...
Girl in skirt standing on a pier

7 Types of skirts every women should own

A skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn by any woman with any personality and fashion style. No matter what...
Flowers and wedding rings

How can you get a new ring with some cash against the old ring?

Are you thinking of getting a new diamond ring in your next 25th anniversary? You can buy a new diamond ring or you can...
Diamond ring

Choose the style and setting of engagement diamond rings perfectly

Engagement is a moment to remember for a lifetime. It will be always wrapped around your finger; therefore, you must be prudent and judicious...
beautiful eyes with natural remedies

8 Ultimate tips to treat dull, tired eyes and keep them beautiful this summer

One of the first thing someone notices in a person is the person’s eyes. You can spend any amount of time and money on...
UGG Boots

Top 5 Women’s boot accessories in trend

You may not recognize the significance of the return of cowboy boots in fashion, but there is more to it than meets the eye. This...
Group of girls in Saree

Different saree draping styles for weddings, Receptions and party!

Are You searching for some different saree draping styles  for the next party you are heading to? Decades have passed but Saree is still...
Workouts during pregnancy

A complete guide to workouts during pregnancy

It’s often debated whether a woman should exercise during pregnancy or not. In fact, afraid that it might lead to problems most of pregnant...

Why choose Anarkali suits over traditional salwar suits

Ethnic wear for women can never be out of fashion. Every time they appeal the ladies with some miraculous experiment and one of such...
Bridal Hairstyle tips

5 Wedding hair tips and tricks every bride must know

Tying the knot is one of the monumental decisions of your life and this goes without saying that you want to look your best...