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Can the colour of your teeth really affect your destiny?

It takes over 10 seconds for creating a first impression and whether we like it or not it is a fact that we are judged by our smile. It is one of the most attractive facial features that is noticed just after our eyes.

That is why you are asked to wear a smile whenever you step out of the home. A beautiful smile is the best and the most attractive asset that you have irrespective of your age. In fact, nearly one in every two people agrees that the smile is the most memorable feature that one has on her face.

If the smile can make a lasting first impression, you can well imagine what it implies if the tooth is worn down, crooked or yellowed. In fact, research has revealed that the color of the teeth can have a huge effect on a number of different aspects in life and hence can have a great impact on your destiny. Let’s find out how!

Effect on Self Image and Psychological Health

The psychological health of a person is very closely related to the strength of the self-image. If a person feels bad what they look like and how they present themselves, they can start to have a negative personal narrative and can shy away from the interactions with others and what everybody else thinks of them. However, if anybody feels good about themselves they will be inclined to have a positive self-image, involve themselves in social interactions and lead a more confident life. Being able to flaunt their beautiful pearly whites can –

  • Result in more smiles
  • Boost the level of confidence in you
  • Transform your personal image
  • Give you a healthier appearance
  • Take the years off the appearance

Even without being judgmental your eyes get drawn to a person’s smile and in that case a sparkling white smile and a dirtier grayish one does create a big difference. This is because the smile is one of the first things that get noticed and the way others perceive you as well as your self-image can impact your day-today life to a great extent. So the color of the teeth can contribute towards the building of your self-worth and your personality and hence your destiny in the long run.

Effect on Job Prospects

A whiter teeth can affect your prospects at work in both landing your dream job as well as getting rewarded with a promotion. After having the teeth whitened, research revealed that over 50 percent of the people felt that they are more likely to be hired or promoted and over 60- percent of the people are either seen to be or felt more confident. Added to that, in a broader perspective over 60 percent of the people lead to greater professional and financial success after they have whitened their teeth. So, a sparkling smile does have a great impact in case of your professional life.

Effect on Dating and Love Life

A beautiful white smile is the sign of warmth, health and confidence and it also influences others’ perception about you. When meeting someone new a smile is the first thing that people see in you. So you can well understand how a white smile can actually help you to make an impression in your first date. Research has revealed that after having the teeth whitened, more than 55 percent of the people are seen to be more outgoing and over 50 percent of the people are said to be more trustworthy. While many people think that whiter teeth signify to be healthier and cleaner, some scientists also feel that having beautiful whiter teeth happen to be a sign of good genetics and that is also attractive to potential partners.

The above are some of the ways in which the color of the teeth can change your destiny. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your oral hygiene and opt for professional teeth whitening treatment in a reputed dental clinic that you can get by typing “good dentist near me” in you search engines so that you can retain your pearly whites and take the world in your stride.

Praveen Singh
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