6 Effective ways to spice up your relationship after decades of marriage

How many decades of your marriage have you completed? 5 wooden years? 10 tin years? 15 crystal years? 25 silver years or 50 golden years? All that matters is the love and bonding you and your partner share and promise to, till the end of life. Maintaining a relationship is not easy, it requires efforts, consistency, commitment, trust, loyalty, and communication throughout all the phases of a stable relationship. Love is not about the flowers and materialistic things, it is about respect, love & affection, intimacy, honesty, and vulnerability between two partners. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you know when you’re in love. You wouldn’t need to work hard to be happy, happiness will automatically show up on your face and you will glow differently.

To keep a relationship healthy and long-lasting, both partners need to keep the relationship interesting and communicative. And if you find your relationship is floundering slightly, then maybe it is time to make efforts to spice up your relationship. There are ample ways to spice up a relationship and with a few helpful tips to try, can get you back where you once were… back into each other’s arms full of joy and happiness to go a long way. So if you are having a difficult time connecting with your partner, it is important that you both take a few steps to keep the spark alive.

We have all heard the 7-year itch, but getting past this point does not make the relationship any easier. The truth to any marriage is that you have to work on it daily. With some conscious effort and consistency on your part, it will make it much easier for both of you to survive and stay happy as you may have expected for your relationship. In more than 10 years of marriage, it is discovered that nothing kills the romance faster than falling into a mundane routine; especially if this does not include prioritizing each other.

Here are 6 helpful tips that can spice up your relationship and build an even stronger love.

You need to wonder how and what couples do to patch things up and rekindle that spark in their relationships. But you know, you need not break up or call in quits with your partner, if you can reignite your passion for each other.

1. Change the routine

To spice up any relationship, changing the mundane regime is something you must definitely consider. For example, if you always have the same meals on specific days, or go to the same pub for a drink that you’ve been going to for years, it’s time to reconsider those options. Anything you may do over and over again for a long period of time can get boring. The routine will be very hard to break out of, but you must take the plunge and discuss changing a few things around that can help spice things up.

2. Make an effort

Putting extra efforts into a relationship is very attractive and can reap the rewards when your efforts are recognized and appreciated by your partner. Making an effort with small gestures or with your appearance occasionally will surely spice up your relationship. Thinking out of the box and being creative with your efforts will kill the boredom and your partner may see things differently and full of love for you.

3. Talk, talk and talk

One of the most basic and generous ways to spice up a relationship is to communicate. Talking to your partner about everything – how your day was, sharing goals, dreams, work, and more. The point is to build a comfortable bond about sharing and holding a conversation with your spouse. Listen to what your partner has to say about everyday things which will make it easier for both to you to talk openly.

4. Stay intimate

It is important that you keep your relationship intimate at all times, whether in or out of bed. Keeping things alive between each other and showing much affection can make a big difference in how fresh the romance feels after every year. The frequency of how often you are intimate significantly impacts the overall relationship satisfaction.

5. Plan a trip together often

Planning a trip together can boost your relationship to yet another level. Enjoying those extra hours of fun together sifting through all possibilities for your big travel can be fun. Allow your minds to wander while you are thinking of the fantastic trip ahead of you. Planning a trip together is a great way to spice up your relationship. Brainstorming and discussing which destination to visit, what hotel to stay and the things-to-do can also let you learn a lot about each other’s preferences.

6. Try new hobbies

Trying out each other’s hobbies can be a good option too. This way, you will be able to spend lots of time together and learn a new hobby too. Besides, there is nothing better than spending time laughing and having fun together. You may be skeptical at the beginning, but it is considered to spice up your relationship and also get you both closer together. Who knows, you may really end up liking your partner’s hobby.

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