How to keep your property and valuables safe when moving

A moving experience has many different aspects. Before you sit down and get into the details, you probably won’t be aware of most of them. That’s why you never go into a relocation unprepared. One of the more essential questions that you’ll need to get to during your moving experience is the safety of your belongings, especially those that are valuable, fragile, and expensive. To keep your property and valuables safe when moving, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Luckily, there’s quite a bit of information available. Let’s get started.

Organize your relocation well

Although this step doesn’t sound as imperative for keeping your property and valuables safe when moving, it is. If you go into the relocation unprepared, you’re risking a lot of things going awry. Winging a move is a terrible idea. Once you organize your relocation systematically, you’ll have a much more peaceful experience on your hands. This way, you’ll be able to be on the lookout for anything that may go wrong.

Hire a trustworthy moving company

Even though some people plan on DIYing their relocation, if you want to keep your property and valuables safe, you should consult a hiring professionals. Having an experienced professional by your side makes all the difference in the long run. They’ll also save you some money and ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant relocation.

Make an inventory of all your valuables

Before deciding what you’ll do with all your valuables to keep them and your property safe when moving, you need to consider everything you own. If you rush through this part, you’re likely to neglect an item or two. Essentially, the goal is to take everything down to your wedding rings and place it in a safe space until you’re ready to take it out again.

Should you keep your valuables with you?

One of the many ideas people get during their move is to keep their valuables with them to keep them safe while moving. Even though this is a valid idea, it has some flaws. Relocations are very heterogeneous. You’ll go through a lot of different people and places during these days. If you think that you’ll be able to tend to the valuables at all times and keep them protected, that’s on you. However, to be safe, you might want to find a better spot.

Don’t keep your valuables in the house while moving

Even though your home is a safe place, many people will go through it during the upcoming relocation. Don’t make the mistake of keeping your valuable items in the house during your move. If you want to keep your property and valuables safe while moving, it would be best to find a place to which only you have access.

Rent out a safe and a storage unit

One of the best solutions to the previously stated problem is renting out a place through a trustworthy company. Even though this might sound a bit expensive, think of everything you’ll gain. Make sure to double-check the company you’re renting the safe or storage unit from. If this isn’t something you deem particularly safe, think about contacting a friend. Keeping your valuables safe when moving by leaving them at a friend’s property is another great idea.

Think about your particular needs

Not every valuable belonging can be kept safe in the same way during a move. Make sure to recognize the particular needs of your items before storing them.

●      Jewelry

 Storing jewelry seems easy enough. Most of the time, it doesn’t have any special requirements. However, it’s a tradition to keep jewelry in a safe since it can be costly.

●      Art and documents

 While trying to keep your property and valuables safe when moving, you shouldn’t only consider the damage others can do. Although your items could be stolen or damaged by other people, they could also be ruined due to other factors. Especially when talking about art and documents, you need to think about the units and materials they’ll be stored in. Don’t hesitate to invest in some water and heatproof containers.

●      Electronic devices

Electronic devices are also pretty tough to store. Make sure to read the manuals and store them accordingly.

Relocating fine art

More often than not, the jewelry that we own is far more valuable than the art that we keep in our homes. However, that’s not always the case. If you have a valuable fine art collection that you need to store, make sure to plan the whole ordeal in advance. For a simple transfer of your collection, hire professionals that have experience in such matters.

Get moving insurance to keep your property and valuables safe when moving

If you want to be extra careful while keeping your property and valuables safe when moving, get moving insurance. This way, if something happens, you will be compensated.

Make your future home a safe place

When considering your ideal home layout, think about fitting a safe in an area you find the most secure. This spot should have more than one virtue going for it. Make sure that it’s not too noticeable but that you can get to it fairly quickly. Also, it would be best for it to not be visible at all times. Be careful with whom you share its existence as well.

Think about tracking your belongings

If you want to be extra careful and make sure to keep your property and valuables safe when moving, you can always take some extra precautions. Nowadays, you track your belongings by using high-tech equipment. This way, even if your items go missing, you can still find and retrieve them.

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Carol Summers
Carol Summers has been a valuable asset in more than five security companies during the last decade. She continues to contribute as an advisor and consultant to moving companies as well as civilians who need her services.

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