Turning your basement into a living space

If you have an unused basement, it’s finally time to decide to put it to good use and start a renovation project. You can make the most of every square foot and create an inviting, warm living space that will be functional and easily manageable. To do it successfully, you’ll need careful planning and the right improvement choices. Turning your basement into a living space won’t be complicated if you follow this plan.

Declutter the basement

If you’ve used your basement as storage, now it needs to have a complete transition. You won’t use it as a dumping ground anymore. To be able to optimize your space and change the use of a basement, you’ll need to commit to clearing out the area as best as you can. There are many benefits of decluttering your home, so get organized and get rid of excess items by selling, donating, recycling, or just throwing away all you don’t need anymore.

Check for pests and signs of rot

When turning your basement into a living space, you first need to check the wood, stone, and concrete for any signs of pests or moisture damage. Block any pest access and replace the rotted materials. Do this before you begin the big renovation of your basement. If the pest nuisance is out of control, then you should get help from professionals like Pest Control Experts for better handling of the situation.

Check plumbing and wiring

You’ll need to inspect plumbing and wiring in your basement. Check existing systems and see what needs to be expanded or upgraded. If you find plumbing, wiring, or any other part of this process challenging, you can hire a contractor for this kind of job and be stress-free.

Insulation for warmth and sound

Insulate the ground and walls of the basement for protection against noise and low temperatures. You can use insulated panels, foam boards, batting, and other common materials. Some important wall renovation choices are ahead of you, so consider all the options. When your basement is well insulated, you’ll save money on heating, and you’ll be able to enjoy a dry and comfortable living space.

Moisture Protection

To turn your basement into a living space, you’ll need to consider waterproofing and moisture protection. You’ll need to add vapor barriers to avoid moisture from spreading beyond the concrete walls. They will keep the space insulated and warm. Polyurethane sheeting is widely used for this issue. It should be attached to the frame of a basement wall and then finished with plaster or drywall.

Proper Ventilation

You know that ventilation is essential for airflow, and that’s crucial for turning your basement into a living space. It will keep the space fresh and ensure that any fumes from heaters are safely funneled away.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are basement windows that let in light and allow you to escape in case of an emergency. Maybe you’ll need to expand existing windows or renovate the foundation and make room for them. However, include as much natural light as possible in your new living space.

Upgrade Flooring

To make a new living space inviting and welcoming, you need to upgrade flooring – bare concrete is not an option. Solid wood flooring may not work well in your basement because of moisture and warping. On the other hand, engineered wood is a good option. You can also install vinyl flooring, tiles, or a carpet. Heated flooring will bring much-needed warmth downstairs.

Plentiful outlets

When renovating your basement, remember how important it is to be able to easily plug in your phone, laptop, and a variety of other electronics. So, plan carefully where electrical outlets go and make them plentiful.

The right kind of lighting

When all of the renovations mentioned above are done, it’s time to think about removing the previous basement gloom and installing proper lighting. That’s an important part of interior decorating and making an area comfortable. Choose warm lights that cover a lot of space. Ceiling fixtures and lamps will create a cozy atmosphere. Ambient lighting and accent lighting are great for remodeled basements. You could even get funky and look into buying some neon lights for your home. These are great for making any bedroom or living space brighter and more colourful.

Caption: When turning your basement into a living space, lighting will make all the difference.

Multi-purpose space

You can make a multi-purpose, open, livable area out of your basement and use it for work, hobby, and relaxation. Add some appliances, electronic devices, and movable furniture, and you’ll have a lot of flexibility, even in a small space. Maybe you’ll want to add a TV, a game console, a pool table, and/or any other type of entertainment.

Dedicated area

Having a multitasking area has many benefits, but if your space allows it and you want to dedicate one area to a specific purpose, you can also do it. For example, you can set up a home office, even in a small space. If there is no need for a home office, consider making a home gym/workout space, home library, craft room, or a home theater. Some decide to make the additional bedroom out of basement space.

Storage space

Consider a layout that provides some convenient solutions to solve storage problems at home. Look for:

  • Built-in shelving units
  • Closet spaces
  • Storage cabinets
  • Dual-purpose furniture that includes storage

You’ll be able to find lots of options for any style and budget.

Add plants

Plants are a great addition to living space. They clean the air and make space look nicer and fresher. Some people use plants strategically to make their room look bigger. If you want to achieve that effect when renovating your home, buy a few sprawling plants. Use them as one of the low-budget tricks to spruce up your home. Place plants of different sizes at different levels and they will add a new dynamic into the room and visually expand your space.


Decorating is very important if you want your basement space to look inviting and feel cozy. Neon colours will expand the brightness of the walls. Mirrors will brighten and expand the space visually as well-0. Get creative when choosing accessories and wall-décor. Feel free to use different-sized shaped and colored frames. You can also display other items on the walls, such as floating shelves full of treasured items or interesting souvenirs. When you’re shopping, don’t forget to check around to see where there are savings to be had – you can look at here now to see what coupons and codes are available at Home Depot, for example.

After turning your basement into a living space – enjoy it

Take some time and consider how to make the best use of the space you already have. Making the most of every square foot you have is a smart decision and smart investment.  We hope you find these tips for turning your basement into a living space helpful and that a renovation will bring you comfort and happiness.

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith is a freelance writer with a main focus on themes such as home improvement and upgrades, energy-efficient living, and smart technology. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys outdoor activities, such as cycling and hiking.

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