How to choose the right paint colors for your new home

Buying a new home is a significant change in one’s life. Naturally, you want it to become your dream home, a place you’ll love and cherish. That means it should be beautiful and cozy as well as comfortable and functional. Also, to make it truly your own, it should reflect your personality and style. To achieve this, you need to consider many interior decor aspects as well as your wishes and preferences. However, as most interior designers agree, the key elements of a successful and stylish home interior are light and color. For example, the paint colors you choose for the walls may make or break the look you want to achieve. With so many possibilities and combinations, getting the right color scheme may seem like an overwhelming task. With that in mind, we’ve prepared these valuable tips to help you choose the right paint colors for your new home.

Find your style

First things first, you need to choose the aesthetics you’re going for. You probably already know what colors and color combinations you enjoy and what effect you want to achieve. However, vague impressions aren’t enough to create an aesthetically pleasing home that also reflects your personal style.

For that reason, you need to do some research. Look at all the wonderful interior design ideas in magazines or online. Choose your favorites and focus on the colors and details to better envision your space. Also, consider the color wheel combinations. You don’t have to become an expert, but choosing complementary colors, for example, will be of great help.

Crucial things to consider to choose the right paint colors for your new home

Unless you plan to buy everything new for your home, it’s also a good idea to consider other items in your home before choosing the right paint. If there are other prominent colors in your home, you can use them as an inspiration and guide to creating a unique space. Here are some things you should pay attention to:

  • color of your large furniture pieces and rugs – you want wall colors to compliment them, not to clash with them
  • lightfilling your home with natural light will highlight the paint colors you choose, but artificial light is also important
  • focal point – each room should have a focal point (an accent wall, an attractive furniture piece, or a piece of art) that draw the eyes

Caption: A neutral color palette in combination with lots of light will make the room look airy and spacious

Alt-tag: A beautiful white living room with a lot of natural light.

Match the color with the ambiance you want to achieve

Different colors evoke different emotions and create an atmosphere in every space. So before you choose the right paint colors, think about what mood you want in each room. For example, if you want a relaxing and resting atmosphere in the bedroom, blues and greens are the way to go. If you want to create a cozy, intimate ambiance, warm colors are a perfect choice – reds, yellows, oranges. For a sleek modern look, go for grays or a monochromatic palette.

Utilize the neutral palette

If you don’t have a lot of experience, a neutral color palette is a perfect choice. Pure white, off-whites, grays, or beige are pleasing to the eye, and they combine well with other colors (for example, furniture, linens, or decorations). What’s more, they’ll make a room seem more spacious and airy, so they’re ideal for small spaces.

Extra tip: To achieve the maximum effect in a small home, decluttering is a must. Regardless of the colors you choose, a room overflowing with stuff will look small and overcrowded. That’s why if you rent a storage unit and organize it well, your home will be clutter-free and appear larger. Good organization will maximize the space in your unit, and you’ll pay less for renting it!

Three-color rule

This rule is also known as the 60-30-10 decorating rule, and it’s a rule of thumb when you want to choose the right paint colors for your new home. It means that most of the color in a room comes from the walls (about 60%), then from furniture, rugs, floor, doors, and windows (about 30%), and the rest from decorations, art, accent pieces, etc.

So, it’s a good idea to choose the boldest color first and then find two other hues that will go well with it. For example, if your decorations are toned down, you might want to opt for a brighter wall color or vice versa. Additionally, you can go vertical in your color scheme. Use darker hues for floors and rugs, medium color hues for walls, and light hues for the ceiling to create a layered look.

Caption: When choosing the right paint colors for your new home, don’t forget the three-color rule

Alt-tag: A living room in shades of black, white, and blue.

Provide contrast to liven up the space

You don’t want your home to look bland, so liven it up with some contrast! Black and white with red or gold details are an eternal classic that will give your home a dash of elegance and luxury. Or, you can opt for a neutral palette for the walls and paint the ceiling in a more vibrant color. This is especially a good idea if you have a high ceiling – the bright color will provide a sense of intimacy and coziness.

Or, choose one wall to serve as a focal point of the room and provide the necessary contrast. Another good way to make a room more dynamic is to contrast the color of the walls with the color of trim and doors. Pair dark trims with lighter walls or vice versa to provide a stunning effect.

Caption: Use the complementary colors from the wheel to provide a contrast and create a vibrant, dynamic space

Alt-tag: A living room with a green wall and orange furniture.

Create the flow to make all the rooms come together

As the layout and the size are the main factors when buying a new home, making a home come together aesthetically is the primary goal when decorating. Instead of choosing the right paint separately for each room, try to envision the color palette for the whole house.

For example, you can create continuity by choosing the same trim color in all the rooms or opting for different shades of the same wall color in all of the rooms. Or you can vary a wall color scheme and create the flow with accent pieces and decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and show your personality! After all, you want your home to reflect your style and preferences. Follow your instincts and, with a little imagination and effort, you’ll create a lovely home that suits your taste. Follow these steps to choose the right paint colors for your new home and design the beautiful oasis you’ve always wanted.

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