How to choose the ideal layout and house size for your growing family

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Finding an ideal new home is never easy. And when you plan on starting or growing a family, there are many new aspects to consider. When there are only two of you, a small apartment can be nice and cozy. On the other hand, as your family is growing, you’ll need more and more space. Your family needs and priorities will change. Therefore, you’ll have to consider the ideal layout and house size for your growing family, as well as the location and the budget. You want the best for your family, a perfect home that you’ll all love and cherish. But before making that dream come true, you have to consider your needs and wishes and make some crucial decisions.

First, assess your budget and choose a location

The first thing you need to do is to set the budget for your home purchase. Think of how much you can afford to spend, and don’t go overboard. You need a house that will satisfy your family’s needs, but buying a home that is too big can come with some disadvantages. For example, you’ll have to spend more on maintenance and utility bills. Also, consider your annual income and spending habits. How much can you spend on buying a new home?

Location is also an important factor, and it will affect the price of your desired property. However, this is one of the crucial decisions you’ll have to make. Everything else can be negotiated or adapted, but make sure you choose a family-friendly neighborhood. After all, you want your children to have a happy and joyful childhood. To achieve that, look for amenities close to your home. Check the area for good schools, lots of parks and playgrounds, pools, recreation centers, museums, etc. A family-friendly community and safe neighborhood should be your priority, even if you have to spend some extra money.

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The perfect size for a family home

When it comes to the size of your home, it depends a lot on your plans for the future and your lifestyle. The rule of thumb says that each family member should have their own bedroom plus one guest bedroom. So, the number of bedrooms will depend on how many children you want to have. However, if you often have guests or host parties, maybe one extra bedroom is not enough. Also, if you plan to have big family dinners every weekend, a highly functional kitchen and a spacious dining room are probably on your list of priorities as well. If you work from home, a peaceful home office where you can be productive is a must. Therefore, it’s a good idea to discuss all these matters with your partner before deciding on the perfect home for your family.

The ideal layout and house size for your growing family

When it comes to your home’s layout, it will also, at least in part, depend on your family’s needs and preferences. Do you want to have one floor or build vertically? Do you need a basement or an attic, or maybe both? Open concept floor or more traditional floor plan? Whatever you opt for, make sure your future home is kid-friendly, with good stair railings. Here are some useful tips to help you make these important decisions.

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As we’ve mentioned before, you should count one master bedroom for your partner and yourself as well as a separate room for each of your children. While your children are small, it’s easy for them to share one room, but they’ll need more privacy and space as they grow up. Usually, one guest room is enough, but if your lifestyle demands more, take it into account. Keep all these in mind when searching for an ideal home for your family.


We don’t have to tell you how important the bathrooms are! If you’re planning to have more than one kid, two bathrooms will go a long way to make everybody’s everyday activities more manageable. From getting ready for work or school in the morning to giving the children a bath in the evening, having two bathrooms will definitely be useful. Additionally, it would be a good idea to have a bathtub in one bathroom at least. The children will love it!

Storage room

As you maybe already know or are about to find out, having children means you need a lot of storage room! Old toys, clothes, books, and sports requisites can easily overcrowd your home if you don’t have enough storage options. Therefore, opt for homes with built-in closets, under the stairs cabinets, or a spacious basement.

Laundry room

Another thing to keep in mind is a laundry room. With kids, there are a lot of dirty clothes to wash, so the laundry room is often one of the priorities for new parents and growing families.

Open floor plan

Apart from being very trendy and modern, open floor houses are convenient, especially for parents with young children. It enables you to keep an eye on the kids playing in the living room while preparing dinner in the kitchen. It would be great if the kitchen window overlooks the yard. That way, you can check on your children when they play outside. Plus, open spaces are ideal for family activities such as birthday parties, movie nights, or extended family gatherings.


When choosing an ideal layout and house size for your growing family, don’t forget the yard! It’s perfect for creating outdoor play areas for kids that they will adore. Not to mention garden parties, barbecues with family and friends in summer, or simply relaxing in your backyard patio.

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Prepare for the relocation

Once you find your dream home, it’s time to move and start creating all those wonderful memories. Although relocating to your new home may sound stressful, especially if the baby is on the way or you already have kids, it can actually be fun. Relocation can be a memorable experience if you let your kids help you and include them in the process.

To sum it up, you must choose the ideal layout and house size for your growing family with care. Keep the future in mind, and make sure to consider all the relevant factors before making this important decision. That way, you’re sure to find a home that will give you comfort and where you’ll make memories that last a lifetime.

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