How to budget for home renovation

Home renovation, although hard work, can be split into smaller tasks. This will make everything more manageable and easier to handle. It’ll also make it seem less frightening and overwhelming in your head. One of the most important and trickiest parts of the whole venture is setting up a budget for home renovation. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you could follow to do this efficiently and not waste any money along the way.

Planning is key

Firstly, a step that you mustn’t skip by any means is creating an in-depth plan. Outlining everything you plan on doing to budget for home renovation and dividing these chores into even smaller pieces will be of great help. Make sure to consult someone for help in this area if planning isn’t your strong suit. Of course, you need to be the one to call all the shots in the end. So, try to listen and learn to implement all the pieces of advice that your friends are giving you.

Get some help

While we’re on the subject of friends, you could also get a friend to help you relocate and renovate. If you know someone who’ll be happy to lend a helping hand and set some time aside for this, why not ask them? This is bound to save you some money and lessen the load off your home renovation budget.

Be decisive and strict with your budget for home renovation

Once you’ve done your research and educated yourself on the subject of budgeting for home renovation, you need to set a specific spending limit for the upcoming projects. Of course, it would be ideal if you could have an unlimited amount to spend on this. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Instead of dwelling on it, make sure to find a way to turn the odds in your favor. There are many different ways to cut certain costs.

Prioritizing projects is very important

The most common way in which people end up saving a bit during home renovation is by prioritizing. This is an essential tool that you should use if need be. For example, if there are ten mini-projects that you’re planning to achieve, see which ones are necessary and which ones can wait a bit. The things that are essential before you move into your new home are the ones that you need to take care of first. If there are any piping, plumbing, electric, or otherwise important projects, make them your priority. Once you’ve settled in and recovered your budget, get to the less significant bits.

Meet with multiple contractors

Something that will, by all means, make or break your home renovation and your budgeting plans is the contractors you decide to hire. You should do your research and then meet with as many contractors as your schedule allows you to. The people that you’ll be working with need to have the qualities that you need. This is something that you shouldn’t compromise on. Some of the things you should look for in a contractor crew are trustworthiness, efficiency, understanding, and goal-oriented people.


There are also some projects that you could DIY with no problem. This will take a load off your home renovation budget for sure.

  • Setting up fixtures

 Setting up fixtures in your home is something you’ve probably done many times before. Once the electricity is installed safely, you can do this easily on your own.

  • Decoration ideas

 Decorating a home is something you can mostly achieve on your own. If you know what you like and the style you’re going for, simply purchase items that will help you achieve that goal.

  • Painting

 Painting your walls isn’t nearly as skill and time demanding as contractors would like you to believe. Try it, and you’ll see.

Find an affordable short term storage solution

If you’re not looking to create a budget for home renovation that’s completely from scratch but instead do a few projects, you’ll need to deal with the issue of furniture getting in the way. However, worry not. Finding affordable short-term storage is always a good idea. It’s an inexpensive way to ensure your items’ safety.

Sell your previous home

Another vital piece of advice when budgeting for the home renovation is to take your time. You should never jump into a big, expensive project before you’re confident that you can afford it. If you’re relying on the money you’ll get from selling your previous home, make sure that that’s a certainty.

Cut costs in small ways

There are many ways to cut costs and help your budget remain manageable. Here are some small ones that are easily doable.

  • Demolition can be DIY

 Demolition isn’t a precise job that you need to focus all your strength and knowledge on. The process is actually pretty straightforward. Just make sure that you’re following instructions and staying safe. 

  • Quality over quantity

Always pay a bit extra for the higher quality since you won’t have to reinvest so soon.

  • Look for discounts

 Especially if you’re not in a rush to renovate your home, you should take your time and explore different options. Look for discounts on different materials, pieces of furniture, or even services.

Don’t forget about the planet

No matter how much you’re looking to save, you should never do it at the expense of the planet. This doesn’t mean that you should feel obligated to create a zero energy home. Instead, do what you’re able to do. Even in the seemingly smaller ways, we can make a fair contribution.

Know that you cannot control everything

However important setting up a budget for home renovation is, you need to be aware that things won’t always go perfectly according to plan. There’ll be delays, additional expenses, as well as unexpected problems along the way. Expecting this and knowing that you cannot do much to prevent it should give you some peace of mind.

Meta description: In order to set a budget for home renovation properly, you need to know some things. Luckily, you won’t lack valuable info after reading this guide.

Jessica Obrien
Jessica Obrien
However important setting up a budget for home renovation is, you need to be aware that things won't always go perfectly according to plan. There'll be delays, additional expenses, as well as unexpected problems along the way. Expecting this and knowing that you cannot do much to prevent it should give you some peace of mind.

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