Clever ways to fill your apartment with natural light

As most interior design aficionados already know – good lighting can completely transform the living space. But what can you do if your living room, bedroom or kitchen is not bright enough? If you also have a limited budget, you may think you have a problem. However, there are efficient solutions to make a dark space look brighter and more spacious. Whether there is not enough natural light in the room or you’re stuck with massive walls, life in overly dark rooms can be very unpleasant. To help you get out of it, we bring you a list of clever ways that will surely help you fill your apartment with natural light.

How do we let in the natural light?

The direct entrance of natural light into the interior is achieved with windows. Whether large or small, they let in light which affects our daily activities, quality of life, and way of thinking. It is necessary, and extremely important for the mental and physical health, that the rooms in which we stay most of the day are open to the outside world, usually through windows. We can’t always choose the size and layout of our home, but we can make the best of what we got.

However, the openings do not have to be only on the walls – you can let light into space through the ceiling openings, too. Also, you can turn the whole wall into a window and thus let the most natural light into your apartment. Keep in mind that an apartment renovation of this sort can be costly, so it’s important to look for affordable solutions for your project.

Room layout

The amount of light needed primarily depends on the purpose of the room. You don’t need as much light in the room you sleep in, unlike in the kitchen or the study. In the living room, the optimal size of the window is 1/7 of the floor area of the room.

The least amount of light comes from the north, so the rooms oriented to the north are ideally intended for bedrooms. The quality of natural lighting on that side is consistent during all seasons.

Windows facing south make the most of the benefits of solar energy and natural light, which is especially important in the winter months.In summer, when the sun is high, you can protect south-facing glass surfaces from overheating by constructing balconies, canopies, and reflecting glass.

Ways to fill your apartment with natural light

If you are wondering how to brighten a dark space with natural light, then these tips are just for you! You may not even be aware that you have insufficient lighting in your home. But, if you suffer from frequent headaches, your eyes get tired, or you have increased sensitivity, then it’s probable that poor illumination is creating an issue in your apartment.A beautifully decorated and bright home is not only a matter of aesthetics but, as we mentioned, it also concerns the mood and health of all the residents. Natural light is the most valuable source of illumination in the interior – we should use it suitably.

Use mirrors to your advantage

This is a home interior decorating secret that makes the room even visually bigger. You can put a mirroropposite or close to a window to enhance the quantity of natural light cast into space. A mirror will reflect all light sources – the larger the mirror, the brighter the area. Mirrors essentially double the amount of natural light in the apartment. To give your room a more open feel, you can use mirrors on the walls, glass tabletops, and mirrored cabinet doors.

Keep the decor minimal

Some people like to display various decorations and memorabilia, like items gifted or brought from a trip abroad. However, unnecessary clutter should be avoided because it only makes your living space seem darker and more narrow. You can choose one larger but eye-catching piece of decor like a vase or lamp. It would be best if the details are made of metal or glass because they reflect light. A large metal lamp is a fantastic choice for narrow hallways.

Get rid of the curtains

Although curtains can be the perfect accessory in a home, there are times you should remove them. Without the curtains, your living space will look brighter, and natural light will come to every corner of the home more efficiently. If you wouldn’t favor getting rid of them, it is best to choose bright and sheer ones to fill your apartment with natural light.

Pick lighter furniture

The design decision of choosing dark furniture usually works best when the apartment has plenty of natural light. If you have only one window and dark walls, you may be better off buying furniture and accessories in a lighter color palette. If you do not want to give up furniture, then at least choose white carpets, pillows, and blankets. Any use of white accessories gives the room a dose of light and airiness, which is a bonus if you have a small area.

Plants are always the perfect choice

The greenery in the home makes a big difference and adds to the whole experience. Among other things, plants will also help make your dark space look brighter, more spacious, and airy. To make your apartment warm and attractive, get a few green “friends”. The greenery in your home will thus become a bright contrast to your dark walls.

Some other tips to fill your apartment with natural light and keep it illuminated include frequently cleaning the windows and clearing the space around them. Good luck and stay bright!

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