A brief guide to creating more storage space in your home

No matter how big our home is, we can’t help but constantly wish for more space. Rooms with less stuff lying around are not only more appealing but also easier to maintain. Living in such conditions is everyone’s dream, but we need to kickstart serious changes in our lifestyle to fulfill it. It all begins with the realization that you don’t need all that stuff around you. After that, you need a little bit of resourcefulness when rearranging your living conditions. Getting rid of unnecessary things and creating more storage space in your home is an excellent start in turning your place into optimized heaven.

Where to start?

Remember the excitement when you first moved into your home? Deciding what goes where and how to make the best out of your house layout? If your current living space doesn’t meet your needs anymore, it’s time to rethink your current furniture arrangements. Making a plan and a list of necessary changes in every room is an excellent way to start. Naturally, it’s good to begin with high traffic areas and the rooms you use the most. Mainly the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. This part of the home improvement won’t cost much if you don’t plan to do major remodeling projects, like taking down walls or installing built-in closets. However, putting everything that needs to be improved on paper will help you prioritize your tasks before solving the storage problem in your home.

Get rid of the mess first

If you’ve ever done some serious home remodeling or painted your home, you know how spacious the rooms can be when empty. A lot of stuff in the house can make any place look smaller than it is. Therefore, it’s essential to get rid of all things with no practical or sentimental value before finding suitable storage solutions for your home. Some things have to go, especially big items that take up a lot of space. Take a good look around, set the functionality of stuff and furniture as a top priority, and pack away the non-essentials.

Decluttering is a necessity. By getting rid of old things, you’re opening up yourself and your space to new opportunities. Still, this change doesn’t have to be a goodbye for your dear possessions. Usually, things like collectibles, antiques, heirlooms, and mementos only take up valuable space without having a practical purpose. The easiest way to declutter your home is to put aside all excess items in a storage unit. By storing away the items you don’t want to get rid of, you will gain more space in your home and get to keep your beloved possessions.

Utilize empty spaces

When trying to make more room in their homes, people often focus on big storage areas – the attic, garage, and basement. These are all great options, but if you don’t have enough money to invest in making all these places functional and mold-free, your stored things could soon be ruined. But if you have the funds to remodel a basement or an attic, it would be a shame to waste it on storage space and not make a bedroom, living room, or office out of it.

Therefore, the more affordable alternative would be to utilize empty for storing purposes. Under-the-stairs space can be an excellent cabinet for a lot of things if appropriately packed. Or it could be transformed into a fantastic bookshelf that has both decorative and practical functions. Creating more storage space in your home could be done on your own as a fun DIY project. All you need is a bit of creativity and free time.

Think about multifunctional furniture

If you can afford to change the furniture in your home, think about upgrading to items that have built-in hidden storage space. For example, opting for a pull-out sofa, kitchen table with drawers, or storage ottomans is an excellent way to solve your storage problem. Such pieces in your home can be practical and match your interior design.

Install more shelves and cabinets

Installing shelves and cabinets on empty walls and corners of your home can be a lifesaving move. And the best part about it is there are so many creative ways to do it. Taking advantage of vertical, floor-to-ceiling space is one of the best hacks when creating more storage space in your home. This way, you will free up some floor space but still, make a place for everything you want out of sight away.

Shelves could be anywhere on the walls, corners, or even ceilings. Most of them would fit perfectly in garages. As we know, a lot of people use garages as a primary storing solution. This can be great because the space is easily aired, and you have easy access. However, moisture and humidity can find their way easily here, so installing a couple of hanging shelves is smart.

But for those who need serious storing space, built-in shelves are a perfect choice. Building recessed shelves and closets is a game-changer since they can fit many things while clearing the floor space. However, this option will depend on your space and the size of the budget you determine for future home improvements.


Optimizing the space in your home will benefit you on many levels. You will be able to maintain hygiene more easily, have a clutter-free environment, and increase productivity. Nowadays, we are constantly surrounded by stress and tension that triggers many physical and mental health issues. That’s why turning your home into a safe and relaxing place is crucial. Start with room prioritizing and decluttering. After that, dedicate some time to a more serious project that requires furniture upgrade or wall remodeling. Creating more storage space in your home is a great way to move things out of the way while making the best out of your home’s interior design.

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