6 Tips for Setting Up a Home Office in a Small Space

When most people start working from home, they struggle to get anything done. The reason for this is simple. Our home is a place that we typically associate with relaxing. So, it’s often difficult to see it as a place for concentration and productivity. That’s why so many of us spend time lazing around while working from the couch, wasting time with roommates, or just taking extensive coffee breaks all day long. Eventually, you realize that you need to set up a home office. And if you don’t have room to spare, this can be a problem. To help you get it done, we compiled a list of the best tips for setting up a home office in a small space.

Right from the start, you must understand that working with a small space means that you’ll have to make a few compromises. But, if you do everything properly, you’ll end up with a modest corner of productivity. Here’s what you should focus on.

Decide On a Dedicated Area

When your space is limited, you sometimes have to get creative. Ideally, your office space should be in a quiet area that will allow you some privacy. This is even more important if you share a house or an apartment with a spouse, children, or roommates.

So, try to identify space that is infrequently used. In smaller apartments, guest rooms and dining areas are your best bet. And if you have trouble detecting the spot, it’s not a bad idea to start with cleaning up the house. One of the many benefits of decluttering your home is that you’ll be able to see the rooms in their disburdened form. Therefore, it will quickly become apparent where you should install your desk.

If you don’t have any spare rooms, the dining room can work just fine. Alt tag: Man sitting in a dining room thinking about tips for setting up a home office in a small space.

Think About What You’ll Need When Setting up a Home Office in a Small Space

Before you start assembling your home office, plan for all the things you’ll need to work comfortably and efficiently. Here, lighting and temperature control are good places to start.

If you can, make sure that at least part of your lighting comes from natural light. Firelights are warm, and these typically promote relaxation. However, cool light, such as daylight, will improve your productivity and alertness. So, it’s obvious why you would want it in your office.

If you care about your well-being, you might want to incorporate a plant or two in your workspace also. Researches have shown that this added touch will make you happier while working. Cabinets are another thing that can be extremely useful in a home office. These will help create order in your workspace and, therefore, positively impact your mood.

Choose Your Writing Surface

There are two crucial furniture pieces that you’ll have to choose for your office at home. And the first one we want to talk about is your desk or work surface. It doesn’t matter if you decide to use a custom-designed desk, a practical option from somewhere like Office Monster, or two file cabinets with a flat surface placed across them. There are only two essential things to worry about. And these are that the space you have in front of you is large enough and that it’s the right height.

One of the biggest tips for setting up a home office in a small space is to draw a size proportional floor plan of the room on graph paper. This allows you to move the shapes around until you find a workable space. If you want to get even more from the limited space you have, you can install shelving behind and above your desk. This way, supplies will be easy to reach.

Make sure to pay attention and spend enough time choosing the perfect desk and chair for your home office. Alt tag: Home office setup. 

Pick a Chair

The second furniture piece essential for your work-from-home setup is a chair. Here, you need to pick a comfortable example of the right height. Additionally, make sure your chair provides proper back and arm support for the type of work you’ll be doing.

If you love to put your feet up while working, place a small footstool under your desk. On the other hand, if you like to sit lower, install a slide-out keyboard holder onto your desk. This way, you can ensure that your peripherals are at the right height for comfortable use.

Having a proper desk-chair combo will positively affect your posture and comfort. You won’t be leaving your workspace with a sore back, and if you’re into fitness, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of daily exercises much more because of this.

Add Color

It’s always good to add personal touches and color to make the space more inviting. Involve patterns, window treatments, and select furniture pieces to express your style. You can even make it completely different from the rest of the house, so you feel as you’re in a real office if you think that will help you to focus.

If you spend time and incorporate home interior decorating secrets for a beautiful home into your office, you’ll enjoy it more. Your work will be better, and you’ll appreciate the possibility you were given – to work from home.

One of the most important tips for setting up a home office in a small space is to make it your own. Alt tag: A home office with a forest view.

Have a Way of Keeping Time

According to experts, you’ll be more productive if you get up and move around every once in a while. These short periods of mental rest are there to break up the workday and improve your focus. As it seems, it’s easy to forget about time when working from home. This is why people who work from home are much more likely to overwork than those in regular offices.

So, the last of the tips for setting up a home office in a small space is to have a way in place to track time while you’re working. Whether that is a clock on the wall or an alarm on your phone, it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is that you manage to maintain regular work hours and a healthy work-life balance.

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