6 Things you can gift your baby on the first birthday

What is the best win for little ones? Celebrating their little joys of life. First birthdays are very important for celebrating your little one and you – and it is as exciting and hectic in planning the right birthday present for them. Finding a gift that will keep the little one happy and pleasing to the parents alike can be very tricky. Many new parents can wander through endless piles of ideas, tripping over plenty of toys and still not know which would be the right one.

The key is to find an item that is very unique enough that they won’t have received and hopefully practical enough too. An item that has an educational value and can help in promoting your kid’s continuing development is something. Now, this can be the best when everybody wins right?

There are many things you can get for your baby’s first birthday and we know deciding can get difficult. So, how can you find a perfect gift that shows how much you care? Here are some brilliant ideas and a list you can consider before buying what your baby would like.

6 things you can gift your baby on first birthday

1. Personalized Book

For babies grow up, this can be an ideal gift for them and one of the best reasons for their self-development. This could be a thoughtful gift because at this time it will help your child with reading and learning to speak as they grow. Gifting a personalized book can be amazing for your baby as it is an important environment where they also learn their speech and vocabulary. This can be beneficial before they start school and also increase the attention span. Reading a book will keep them more interested if it is about them and their family and encourage them with a positive learning outcome.

2. First Cutlery Set

Generally, once your baby is around six months of age, they will show the first signs of being ready to feed themselves or at least make some attempts! As parents, you will notice these signs because they will begin to pick up toys using their thumb and forefinger, trying to develop their motor skills by moving objects. This is a great time to think of a cutlery set for a first birthday gift. There are many child care companies that offer personalized cutlery sets that can be best suited for your little ones. You can easily find them across the internet or offline stores which are safely designed to help your babies learn how to use cutlery for the first time.

3. Savings Account

One way to perfectly invest in your child is starting a saving account as it will give them the best possible start when they gradually become an adult. Parents always want their children to have the most and achieve the best they can out of their life, so having a savings account will perhaps help them to start in the right direction. It is also a great opportunity for them to learn how to save up effectively. Overall, this present not only seems logical but also teaches your child so many life skills in finance which can help them be more responsible later in life. Learning at a young age is always a plus point and will benefit your child in the years to come.

4. Charitable Donation

Another excellent idea to celebrate your baby’s first birthday is by giving them a present that lasts a lifetime. There are plenty of charitable causes that you can support which will continue to be rewarding as your baby grows. For instance, there are organizations that help in planting trees using donations. This means that instead of planting just one tree and watching it grow, you and your child can plant a whole forest for years and see the positive changes that they bring to your child’s life starting from the first birthday. Investing in the child’s future is as valuable and important for them, which will also teach them the importance of helping others around. Other charitable donations could include – adopting a pet which is another fantastic way of getting your kid excited about the importance of protection, responsibility, and nature.

5. Baby Casts

Your baby’s first birthday is definitely a huge milestone, making it the perfect occasion to commemorate something special and memorable. At one year old, it is not very late for your little ones to get a casting done, for those little hands and feet which are still as small and precious while they were born. This could be the perfect time to create memories, as you know how time flies. Although this is not necessarily a gift that your child can open and play with, baby castings are a wonderful memory for them to look back when they are older. You could either do it at home or head into a casting studio, there is plenty of fun to be had with this lovely gift.

6. Create a Time Capsule

Time capsules are nothing but the containers and boxes that hold on to historical information from the time it was first created. They are then opened later in the future to celebrate the years that have passed by to reflect on the best moments and memories created so far. Hence, you will see that many parents mark their baby’s first birthday as the start of this time capsule. And later, this capsule can be opened when the child has turned 16 years or 18 years. Some of the most common and popular additions to a first birthday time capsule include:

  • Newspaper clippings from the date of the first birthday
  • Your baby’s favorite toy
  • A recorded CD of the top ten songs
  • Personal notes from family and friends
  • Current coins or banknotes
  • Baby photos
  • A family tree map at that time
  • Your child’s favorite chocolate bar

This idea is really personal and easy. No one baby’s capsule will ever be the same.

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