6 Games you can play with your kids at home

Monday blues? Weather at the worst? Have a tight budget and need to stay in? Whether you are looking for simple games for your kids or some activities that they can engage in, it is simpler to save the day to get rid of boredom. If you find your kids fidgeting on the sofa or scribbling on the walls, it may be a good idea to try some indoor games. The clock may be ticking slower than usual, and if you are out of fresh ideas and things-to-do, you have come to the right place.

Playing is just not for fun, it is also a stress-buster for the kids. An activity that keeps your kids healthy as well as active is only the time to realize its value. When your kids are studying throughout the day, games are their quick rescue which they can easily take forward with interest and excitement. Also, during the scorching heat of summer, no parent would allow their kids to go out and play in the sun. But in their summer holidays, you just cannot keep your kids away from playing. So what else can you do? They should definitely indulge in playing and in a generation like this, indoor games would mean video games or games on mobile phones.

As parents, many of you would also like to introduce your kids to the games of your times, isn’t it? You had fun playing those games during your childhood and those indoor games were fun and engaging enough, right? So, why not take some time out to teach your kids the same. You can probably try brain games too, as they can be helpful for your kid’s development as well.

Confused which games to start with? We have you covered with this list of the top indoor games you can play with your kids at home. There is nothing better than a good game to bring a family together, especially, when you wish to spend some family time.

Break your kids’ boredom with these 6 indoor games at home

1. Puzzles

Puzzles can be creative and engaging. Those puzzles that exercise the brain and are problem-solving muscles with a good puzzle can actually be good fun for your kids. Either way, these puzzles can be very engaging and also develop your kid’s skills at something. You can have your kids draw a picture on a piece of cardboard and then use a pencil to outline the pieces directly on their drawing. Cut out the pieces in good shapes, mix them up and get your kid solving it. With craft, indoor games can be one fun activity.

2. Pictionary

One of the most creative and fun games, Pictionary requires more than one player and this could be a perfect way to spend some family time together. The players need to draw an image without speaking that indicates a word, wherein the other player will have to guess it correctly without cheating. You can definitely try this game with your kids as it is very simple. You can draw the word on a paper or board with a pencil and drop them in the bowl. Then, you can ask your kid to pick up the pieces and draw them without telling you what it is.  Alternately, your kid can draw, and you can guess.

3. Card Games

A simple game of cards can be great for kids. In order to mould their logical reasoning, you can opt for this. All you need is a deck of cards or two. Simple games such as spoons, trash, crazy eight, etc. can be a good start. For pre-schoolers, go fish can be an easy card game. Moreover, you can also opt for Uno, which can be a fun alternative for your kids.

4. Freeze!

We have all played this game in our childhood, isn’t it? We are sure that your kids would love this too. Choose some of their favorite tunes, turn up the volume, and ask them to dance until the music stops. When the music stops, they will need to freeze in whatever position they are in – yes, we mean even if they have a leg up or hands up. To make this game more exciting and challenging, you may ask your kids to freeze in specific poses too. For instance, animals, shapes, letters, or even yoga postures. We are certain, that they will particularly love this game.

5. Treasure Hunt

Another challenging yet fun activity for the indoors, you can indulge your kids in playing treasure hunt. This gives them a chance to learn and utilize their cognition. All you need to do is, prepare some hints and clues for each hidden location, and let your kids start to guess! Do make sure that the clues are accurate and interesting, so your kid does not give up or get bored. To make this game more rewarding, you can also include some treats or coins in those hidden places along with the clues, creating a trail. To be fair, give your kid a hint to where they can find their first clue and let them find the rest on their own.

6. Simon Says

A classic game to get your kids involved in an indoor game, is Simon Says. This game can be enjoyed by all family members and all you need is some space to play. Not very complicated, but fun, this game truly tests how alert and vigilant your kids are. Instruct your kids that they are are to do what they are asked to only if they hear the command with the phrase ‘Simon says..’ If they do what you asked for without saying the phrase, they will be out of the game. The last person following all the commands accurately wins and becomes the next Simon who makes the commands. To make it more challenging, try tricking your kids.

So, go ahead, try one of these indoor games with your kids at home and enjoy some family time together. Whether play for an hour or two, encouraging your kids for some indoor activities can surely boost their personal growth. Let us know what other games do you parents play with your children in the comments below.

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