Dos and don’ts of helping your friend move

So, your friend is moving, and you want to help. That’s great; good friends stick together. But, before you go and help them out, you should be aware that there are some things which you shouldn’t meddle in. To help you avoid making one of these easy mistakes, we have put together a list of dos and don’ts of helping your friend move.

Help with cleaning

The moving process is something that everyone would be glad to have some help with. If you know that one of your friends is preparing for a move, offer to help them clean up their home. Before actually moving, your friend will want to make their home presentable for future residents. Helping with vacuuming, cleaning out cabinets, cleaning out the fridge, and so on will surely be appreciated. Just remember – if your friend asks you to help with this, they trust you enough to accept that you won’t create more problems. So, if you’re not sure how to approach a task you have been delegated, for example, cleaning a rug, make sure to say so.

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Look after their pets

If your friend has pets, chances are they will need a place to keep them safe while the move is ongoing. A good way of helping your friend move is to offer to watch their pets. After all, moving heavy furniture and boxes of things could even be dangerous if animals are involved. If nothing else, making sure their pets don’t get in their way while they organize will help a lot. So, offer to look after their pets. Of course, looking after pets can be difficult, but it’s something your friends will appreciate.

Help with packing

Packing tends to be the most stressful part of any move. As such, offering to help your friend with packing up their belongings is a good move. If they accept your help, you could also bring your own packing supplies. This will help your friend by reducing the price of their relocation. Also, if your friends have delicate items that need special things to ensure they don’t get damaged, you should ask ahead of time. Packing fragile belongings the same way as everything else could only cause more issues. Offering to help declutter could also be a good idea. Decluttering has many benefits, especially right before a move.

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Help them find a moving company

Another excellent way of helping your friend move is helping them find a moving company. While not as stressful as some other things, finding a moving company is time-consuming. So, take the initiative, and look instead of them. This will allow them to focus on packing and organizing their home and save them a lot of time. Just remember to double or even triple-check the moving companies. You should make sure the movers are experienced and reliable, and of course, be on your guard against moving scams. You don’t want your friend to have trouble with the moving company because you weren’t careful.

Prepare a going away party

If your friend is moving somewhere far away, organizing a farewell party could be a great idea. Of course, residential relocation can be a great thing. But it is also difficult to leave the familiarity of the place you used to call home. So, throwing a goodbye party for your friend is something they will appreciate. You should offer to help them manage the food and drinks, and possibly even music. Of course, you should consider their taste first. Most importantly, make sure to have a proper goodbye with your friends before they leave.

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Offer to lend your vehicle

If your friend is going through a DIY move, lending them your vehicle is an excellent move. Even if they hired a moving company, an additional car could still be very valuable. Of course, this isn’t something you should do if your vehicle has issues. But, if your friend has a lot of belongings they didn’t want to entrust to the movers, offering to move some of them is something they might appreciate.

Look after their kids

If your friend has children, a great way of helping is to offer to look after their kids. Generally, it’s a bad idea to have kids around when moving large boxes or pieces of furniture. They can get in the way or even get hurt. So, offer to look after your friend’s kids on moving day. You might have to pick them up from school, and you will need to keep them entertained while they’re in your care, but it’s something your friend will appreciate. However, this can be quite a bit of pressure. Looking after kids is a lot more complicated than looking after pets, especially if you don’t have much experience. So, think twice before you offer to look after someone’s children.


A friend moving away is a bitter-sweet moment. So, make sure you help them prepare for their relocation as much as possible without getting in the way and make some more memories while they still live nearby. We hope this list of dos and don’ts of helping your friend move will help you do that!

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