Best places to live on the coast in the US

If you’re an adventurous type of person, you’ve probably thought about a great number of possibilities for your next home. Also, given that the adventurous types are most usually pretty outdoorsy, you probably love to explore nature and enjoy the summer breeze as much as you can. A natural course of events would be to move to a place that can satisfy that need. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best places to live on the coast in the US.

La Jolla Cove or Manhattan Beach, California

As a part of the underwater park reserve in La Jolla, you can find a hidden treasure. La Jolla Cove is the most stunning little beach that can serve as the perfect spot for rest and leisure. As a bonus, if you love seals, you’re in luck since they’re everywhere! However, a downside is that its beauty and its size sometimes attract crowds. Still, if you don’t mind being surrounded by people, it’s a great place to live.

If you’re looking for a place to live on the coast in the US, La Jolla Cove beach is a great choice.

La Jolla Cove beach that’s one of the best places to live on the coast in the US.

On the other side, there is Manhattan Beach that couldn’t go without mention. It’s located merely 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It comes with all the charms of a bigger city, but without crowds. There are plenty of beautiful homes all around, and this area boasts some great schools


It won’t be hard to choose a great house in either of these places since California offers some of the best luxury homes out there.

Honolulu or Maui, Hawaii

If you’re into maintaining your health and staying fit, there’s no better place for you. No matter if you enjoy deep diving, snorkeling, or swimming with dolphins, you’ll find something of interest here. The Hanauma Bay beach in Honolulu is an incredible area in Hawaii, and it’s one of the most popular for a reason. Its history is also magical since it’s formed from a volcanic crater that has filled up with water over time.

There are many beautiful coastal areas in the US, so it’s tough to choose one. However, a place that you definitely shouldn’t miss is Maui. You’ll hardly get tired of exploring these beaches during your leisure time for years to come. It’s genuinely a picture-perfect sight. On your days off, you could also explore ancient burial grounds, freshwater caves, and stunning shorelines.

Imagine being able to see this beautiful spot in Maui every single morning. Talk about the perfect place to live on the coast in the US.

One of the best spots in Maui, Hawaii.

Miami, Florida

You’d think that the popularity and the over-display would make Miami lose its charm over time. However, this hasn’t happened, and it pretty much seems that it never will. The mesmerizing Art Deco buildings, the stunning beaches, and the incredible sunrises all contribute to Miami being one of the places to live on the coast in the US. Whether you wish to have fun and party or you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax, this is it. If you’ve been thinking about moving to Miami, you shouldn’t wait any longer. You’ll also be happy to know that you can settle hassle-free in this amazing city since it has great professionals that can help you during this process.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Not too far from Portland, you can find the beautiful beach that belongs to the Pacific Coast. Apart from merely visiting, either for the sake of the incredible rugged beach or the legendary Haystack Rock, it’s also an excellent area to live. If you wish to settle down and live peacefully but still go to a bigger city whenever you want or need, this might be the spot for you. If there’s any place where you’ll wish to spend your days out on your brand-new balcony in your brand-new home, it’s here. The grip of nature doesn’t stop with the beaches. The woods and mountains that you’ll be able to explore are just as astounding.

If you’re interested in fantastic nature, look no further, you’ve found the place of your dreams.

The Cannon Beach in Oregon.

North and South Padre Island, Texas

There are two incredible beaches in North and South Padre Island. And, what’s even more impressive is that they aren’t anything alike. The one in the south is lively and wild with many events during the holidays. It has great bars that all the Texans go crazy over. However, on the far north, along the same stretch, you’ll be able to find a serene and peaceful beach that resembles paradise. It’s a perfect place for rest. Most people go there to admire nature and the wildlife center. It’s really beyond belief that these two completely different beaches coexist in such close proximity. However, what connects them is their natural beauty.

You won’t make a mistake with any of these coastal areas

No matter which one of these places to live on the coast in the US you end up choosing, you won’t make the wrong decision. It would be ideal if you could take some time and visit your favorite picks. You never know what beauty awaits you until you see it for yourself

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