6 Powerful ways to live stress-free life for working women

Are you a working women aching for stress-free life? Every working woman faces plenty of issues regarding maintaining work-life balance. Women are considered responsible for cooking, taking care of children as well as elderly, keeping the house clean and organized and managing the household. At work, they have critical deadlines and lots of workloads equal to their male colleagues. Trying to balance professional and personal life makes life stressful for working women. This extreme exposure to stress very often results in serious health problems and affects relationships as well.

Following tips can help you manage the stress and live a healthy, stress-free life:

1. Hobbies

All of us have some or the other hobby. Hobbies make us feel happy and rejuvenated. Once we enter the working phase of our life, we generally never find time for our hobbies and slowly we just forget about them. Every working woman deserves some “me time”. Spend some time with your children, go to a fancy park with your daughter, buy matching mother daughter dresses, wear them and go out with her. Show off some love for her to everyone around you. Working on your hobby is one of the many things you can do in your ‘me’ time.

2. Get Proper Sleep

Sleep well for stress-free life

People often underestimate the importance of good quality sleep but sleep is necessary for providing complete relaxation to your body and mind. Your sleeping patterns directly affect your physical as well as mental health. For women, the sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary. You would have noticed that when you sleep really well at night, your mood is lifted and you are able to concentrate better the next day. Working women should try to catch at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Sleeping just for 5 hours every day and sleeping for 10 hrs on weekends is not going to help. For a stress-free life you need optimum sleep schedule.

Consistent sleep schedule is necessary for good health. If you go to bed early but it takes you 1-2 hours to fall asleep, then you need to identify the cause behind it. Try avoiding caffeine consumption after late afternoon, keeping your mobile phone away at least 2 hrs before you go to bed and using alarm clock instead of mobile to set alarm to help yourself fall asleep.

3. Regular Exercise

young women exercising on machine in gym

I can understand that working women genuinely do not have any time left in their schedule for exercising. But a regular exercise routine is more important for working women than housewives. It helps you stay fit and keep your mind at peace.

When you are physically fit you are best prepared to battle challenging situations at work and in personal life. So, work something out, eliminate something from your schedule and take out time for exercise. Being physically fit will help you perform better and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Fit body is a must for a stress-free life.

4. Learn to Say “No”

Among various reasons for too much stress is overworking. Working women have to follow deadlines at work like everyone else and have tons of responsibilities at the house like taking care of the kids, cooking, keeping the house clean and manage other household tasks. Taking on additional responsibilities can make life extremely difficult hence it is important for a working woman to learn to say “no”. Saying “no” is a necessary life skill and you should be able to use it in professional and personal life.

5. Get House Help

When it comes to hiring house help, you start thinking about finances but spending even 100$-200$ on the house help is worth. You have the right to spend your money the way you want and the best use of your money is when it can offer you a break and a bit of relaxation. To afford house help, you can cut down the money spent on shopping and any other unnecessary expense. It will make things a lot of easier for you. You will finally get time to spend with your family and relax when you have help.

6. Never get obsessed with cleaning

Women from all around the world are obsessed with cleanliness and trust me; a working woman cannot afford cleaning OCD. People who are obsessed with cleanliness don’t get satisfied until they clean the house with their own hands. They don’t trust any family member or even maid with cleaning tasks. It certainly makes their life miserable. A working cannot put this much amount of time and efforts in senseless cleaning.

So, apart from basic hygiene, do not worry about making your home well very organized and shiny. As a working woman, you have better things to do with your time.

Life becomes stressful for working women when there is an imbalance between their personal and professional life. Take all the possible measures to keep yourself stress-free and healthy.

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