Why do teeth become crooked?

It is not really known exactly why teeth become crooked, as it is not known why teeth begin to erupt. There are some factors that can contribute to crooked teeth, such as thumb sucking at an early age, and disease at an older age. It is often caused by the jaw being too small, which will cause the teeth to be crowded, and subsequently push against each other in crooked directions. This is one of the reasons that wisdom teeth are so troublesome, is that the human jaw has evolved and adapted to be smaller than our predecessors. An impacted wisdom tooth is the term for a wisdom tooth that does not grow out successfully, and in some parts of the world this can affect over 70% of the population.

Crooked teeth in teenage years

One of the best times to combat crooked teeth is to approach them during the teenage years. As the teeth are still growing, they are more malleable and as teenagers have less responsibilities, it is a good time to make the corrections. Fixed braces are the main method used in this way, as they are one of the only braces that can cope with teeth that are still growing and have also proven to be one of the most effective treatments. As they cannot be removed, they also guarantee that the treatment will stay consistent.

Braces for adults

Many adults may not know that there are many forms of braces, for all ages. Many people may also be unaware that braces are available in different styles that have different advantages, many of them aesthetic. Often, adults can be averse to braces as they fear they will look like a teenager, or somehow look unprofessional. Fixed braces can be noticeable, and for some adults this can be an undesirable option, so they will avoid treatment altogether.

There is a great deal of importance around having straight teeth, so if your teeth are crooked then it is important to see your dentist straight away. Crooked teeth can mean that the teeth are not closing together correctly, and therefore parts of the teeth can be eroding slightly as you bite down. Over time this can put you at great risk of cavities, as the enamel has been weakened.


Invisalign in Clapham is one of the most popular forms of treatment to correct crooked teeth and will mean that your teeth can be treated while remaining discreet. Invisalign works by using a series of plastic braces that fit over the teeth. The braces have been moulded to your teeth, and are also transparent, so they will be extremely difficult to see if you are not looking for them. Invisalign works by replacing the brace every two weeks with a slightly straighter brace, until your teeth are corrected and then the treatment is complete. If you are looking for Invisalign, then it is offered by the majority of dental practices in the UK, and there is a wealth of information about it available on the Invisalign website.

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