The transformative effect of cosmetic treatments in a patient’s life

The role a mouth full of straight teeth plays in contributing to a patient’s overall happiness, is no small one. In fact scientific study shows that patients opting to restore missing teeth benefit by improving their lifestyles in a number of ways.

Correlation between missing teeth and unhappiness

The breakthrough study, conducted by the University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry has established a direct connection between the adverse impact of missing teeth and a patient’s well-being. These patients tend to exhibit poor self-confidence and are more vulnerable to stress (mild forms). In another study, after being shown a series of images of people with differences in the appearance of their teeth, respondents thought that 58 percent of those that had straight teeth stood a greater chance of being successful in life.

Permanent natural-looking teeth replacement alternatives offer patients the best way to transform their lives, remembering that teeth implants need just as much care as natural teeth do. A consultation with an experienced dental practitioner in dental implants is the first step towards receiving a number of desirable outcomes.

1. Regain self-confidence

Patients may see a dramatic increase in confidence. The natural-looking substitutes for real teeth give patients a second chance at having permanent stable teeth once again. As the implant post or screw becomes fully fused to the jawbone, there is no chance of teeth moving or dentures slipping out of position and being the cause of embarrassment. There is a more natural and comfortable ‘feel’ to an implant, not to mention that its appearance resembles that of real teeth.

2. Restoration of full mouth function

One of the problematic consequences of missing teeth is the challenge presented when biting or chewing. Some patients may also experience difficulties in pronouncing certain letters. Artificial teeth implants solve all of these challenges. Full biting and chewing function is restored and patients no longer have to avoid eating some types of foods. Patients are able to speak better without mumbling or slurred speech.

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3. Improved comfort

Wearing certain teeth replacement alternatives may result in sores and discomfort. Over time another problem arises for denture-wearers, bone mass may weaken and cause dentures to fit less than perfectly. Implant screws are held securely in place in the jawbone and once implanted (and provided they are carefully looked after) there will be no need to remove them or little chance of them falling out.

4. Easier maintenance of oral health

What sets implants that are secured to the jawbone apart from other types of dental appliances is that they are found to be far easier to clean. Two of the primary causes of tooth loss are tooth decay and gum disease that is allowed to develop due to poor oral hygiene practices.

5. Preservation of jawbone integrity

Artificial teeth implants provide the added advantage of preserving bone density and protecting jawbone integrity. Missing teeth, even a single missing tooth, can adversely impact the jawbone. Spaces left by missing teeth can have an adverse effect on the shape of the face and one’s smile.

Join the many who have had their lives changed for the better thanks to alternative teeth replacement treatments, contact a Navan dentist today.

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