The modern alternative to traditional metal braces

Traditionally, metal or ‘conventional’ braces were used to resolve dental concerns such as front protrusion of the teeth, or general misalignment. Despite their proven success when straightening some of the most severe dental cases however, many modern dental clinics are now choosing to answer the ever increasing demand for more discreet orthodontic alternatives. Invisalign in Leicester is just one example of the many subtle appliance options now made readily available by a wide variety of modern practices. But what do these clear aligners have to offer?

What are the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners?

Invisalign could easily be argued as one of the largest providers of this particular modern appliance. So much so that many new patients mistake the generic name for clear aligners as ‘Invisalign’, rather than realising it is a brand name. Despite not being the only brand provider of these transparent aligners, Invisalign is a trusted, first choice for many individuals, and surgeries too.

Did you know?

Invisalign have single-handedly provided patients on both a national and global scale with over four million happy smiles, a fact which many patients are drawn to. In addition to their popularity however, many individuals may be initially attracted to clear aligners due to their extremely aesthetically-pleasing physical appearance. Whilst being invisible within the mouth (and consequently perfectly suiting patients who do not wish for the hindrance of obvious metal dental work), Invisalign clear aligners also provide a whole host of other benefits.

Finding the perfect appliance for your individual dental case

Aside from being practically invisible within the mouth, Invisalign clear aligners also play host to an extensive range of benefits. One example of which is their removable, and extremely convenient nature. Clear aligners are suggested to be worn for as long as possible during both the day and night. Despite this however, patients are granted flexibility with regards to important work and social events where they may wish to look and feel their best, to take them out,

What happens post-treatment?

During the Invisalign treatment process, patients can expect to replace their clear aligner trays every few weeks. After the expected course of treatment is complete and the patient is happy with their final results, an aftercare regime is typically discussed by the patient’s dental specialist. In addition to keeping their smile clean and healthy, patients are given a retainer appliance which is expected to be worn at night, in order to maintain the treatment results. Many patients may overlook this stage of the treatment process, however this is arguably the most important part for patients who wish to maintain their final smile.

Choosing to embrace the latest advancements within modern dental technology.

Many modern, and facilitating dental clinics are now choosing to adopt the modern advancements within dental technology to ensure the Invisalign treatment process is as simple, and as hassle-free as possible for their patients. A digital and three dimensional scanner is used to, not only predict the exact movements the patients’ teeth are expected to make during the course of treatment, but to also remove the need for messy dental putty that many patients dread. 

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