Looking for a reason to pursue oral implants? 5 health benefits you may have overlooked

When you have lost a tooth or teeth, there are many ways you can restore them without the need of dentures or bridges.

While they have been a mainstay in dental restoration for many years, dentures and bridges are not without their own issues; they can rub against the gums causing sores, while also sporadically coming loose and causing the wearer to feel self-conscious about their smiles.

In recent years, advances in dental restoratives have led to the rise in oral implants; titanium-based screws which are affixed to the jaw and allow for a more natural look and feel when biting and chewing food.

Of course, this is all great for the cosmetic side of the treatment, but are there any other benefits to dental implants?

Improved oral health

It is easy to assume that if you have lost a tooth, there is nothing else that can go wrong. However, gaps in your teeth act as magnets for plaque and can also cause your surrounding natural teeth to move due to the jawbone shrinking, they will start to try and fill the space left.

And so, having dental implants from St Albans fitted closes these gaps and promotes jawbone regrowth, allowing for an easier to clean and straighter set of teeth.

Improved general health

A missing tooth equates to higher levels of plaque. Higher levels of plaque equate to issues occurring not only in the mouth, but throughout the entire body.

Dental plaque has been linked to everything from cardiovascular disease to diabetes, meaning that your missing molar may be putting you at a higher risk of more serious health concerns. As dental implants from your dentist stop the accumulation of plaque, your risk of serious complications is greatly reduced.

Better digestion

If you have lost numerous teeth due to decay or injury, you may have noticed that it is harder for you to chew food as you did before.

Like cogs in a machine, teeth are part of the digestive system and if some go missing, it is tougher to break down and grind food. This in turn can lead to larger chunks of food reaching the stomach, causing issues such as acid reflux and indigestion. The fitting of implants will help to break down larger chunks of food correctly, allowing for a smoother digestive process.

Better nutrition

Missing teeth can prompt you to seek softer, much easier to chew foods in your diet, which are often not the best for you.

To maintain good overall health, foods such as vegetables and fruits need to be consumed and with the placement of implants, you can bite into and grind down harder foods, equating to an overall improvement in your nutrition.

Boosted confidence!

And finally, a key advantage of having implants fitted is the boost to your confidence.

Having a gap in your teeth is rarely appealing and so, once the prosthetics are fitted, your smile will look and feel amazing, boosting your wellbeing and overall mental health. What’s not to like about that?

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