Invisible braces in Clapham

If you are looking for high-quality invisible braces in Clapham, then you may want to see what your local dentist practice has to offer you.

Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces can be fixed in position as lingual braces or removable aligners, they also come in different shapes and sizes making them suitable for all age groups. Once in place, these braces are virtually hidden from the eyes of others, allowing you to keep smiling throughout your treatment time. Aligners like Invisalign can be used for minor or moderate malocclusions, whereas more complex cases may need the control of lingual braces to rectify issues.

Why invisible braces?

Because these braces can be made to be removable aligners many patients who have used aligners have reported how comfortable they feel using them as a treatment option compared to the use of the regular metal braces.

Also, these braces have been proven to be a highly effective method of aligning teeth in a short period, this timescale should always be set in consultation with your dentist or orthodontist to gain the most effective results.

For people who are self-conscious or may have self-esteem issues, but need their teeth aligning, invisible braces may provide the solution they are looking for. Invisible braces are barely perceptible to the human eye once in place, this will allow you to feel you can use your mouth as normal, as you should not feel the need to hide the fact you are wearing braces from others around you. This is because they are either made from transparent plastic as aligner trays or fixed behind a patient’s teeth as lingual braces.

 Why are braces used?

Some of the most common dental problems in society today are having teeth which do not align properly, this can be an overbite, underbite, crossbite or overlapping teeth.  When the teeth are not aligned properly it can lead to a weaker bite, making problems while eating more likely to occur, resulting in poor digestion in many cases.

If you have misaligned teeth you may also find it harder to keep them cleaned correctly, this can lead to an increase in problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

If your teeth and jaw are not aligned correctly it can lead to excessive wear and tear on teeth, so that they do not last as long as they should without intervention by your dentist.

Finally, many people with less-than-perfect teeth feel self-conscious about their smile, in some cases, they may try to avoid smiling completely.

Using braces can correct all the above problems, leading to increased comfort around the mouth, teeth, and jaw, as well as increased confidence in daily life. When treating the physical symptoms of misaligned teeth it has the effect of rectifying poor self-esteem too in many instances.

Before starting treatment with any type of brace

Before you start treatment with braces, invisible or conventional, you need to ensure your oral health is of an excellent standard. You need to maintain this standard via brushing and flossing throughout your treatment.

You need to know wearing any braces can increase the risks of tooth decay and gum disease if you do not keep up a high level of dental hygiene. You should consult with your dentist or orthodontist to gain the best advice and instructions about oral cleaning routines while you are wearing your braces.

How long will you need to wear your braces

The length of time you need to wear your brace will vary from individual to individual, your dental professional will consult with you about this timescale.

Find out more

Should you feel you need to have your teeth aligned, then consult with your dentist or orthodontist about the various options that may be available to you, they are many and varied. It could be that you end up with invisible, removable aligner or lingual braces which can be fixed at the back of your teeth rendering them invisible too. A lot depends on your individual dental situation.

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