Exploring the world of orthodontic dentistry

Within the modern world of orthodontic dental care, patients may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of treatment options available, not just traditional metal braces. Despite traditional metal appliances, (also commonly referred to within the world of dentistry as conventional braces), having proven to be undeniably effective for patients who are suffering from some of the most severe dental concerns, many modern dental clinics are now choosing to answer the ever increasing demand for more discreet orthodontic alternatives. One example of which being clear aligners.

What are Invisalign clear aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners are deemed within the contemporary field of dentistry as the ‘modern alternative to metal braces’. Invisalign is in fact one of the largest providers of this appliance, producing over four million straighter and happier smiles on both a national, and worldwide scale. Despite their ever increasing popularity however, many patients may be unsure of what to expect from these braces.

What to expect from the Invisalign treatment process

Invsialign clear aligners are essentially transparent, clear aligner trays which are replaced every few weeks to result in a beautifully straight smile. Clear aligners are becoming increasingly popular within the field of orthodontic dentistry, and with good reason. But what are some of the benefits of receiving this modern alternative to traditional metal braces?

What are the benefits?

WIthin the modern world of orthodontic dentistry, many patients, especially those who are only aware of the conventional alternative to straighten wonky teeth, may feel overwhelmed with regards to the wide variety of treatment options now made readily available by a number of modern, and accommodating dental clinics. Despite this however, clear aligners could be deemed as the perfect option for many patients suffering from misaligned teeth. In addition to their aesthetically pleasing physical appearance (this aspect initially attracts many Invisalign users), clear aligners also provide many other benefits.

For patients seeking a straighter, more confident smile

For many individuals, wonky, or front protruding teeth (commonly referred to within the world of dental care as an ‘overbite’) can result in reduced levels of self-confidence. Invisalign clear aligners have the benefit of looking invisible within the mouth, this is therefore deemed a perfect solution for patients looking to straighten the appearance of their smile, without the appearance of obvious metal dental work. In addition to looking very subtle within the mouth during treatment, these convenient, removable and fast-acting aligner appliances also produce both effective, and long-lasting dental results post-treatment.

What are the alternatives?

Many patients may unfortunately not be suitable for this particular aligner treatment, however there are an extensive range of modern orthodontic alternatives which are just as effective. Examples of which are fixed clear braces and lingual braces, both can deal with complex dental conditions and both are very unobtrusive to the casual onlooker.

What are fixed orthodontics?

Fixed braces essentially embrace a combination of both metal brackets and wires to apply pressure to the surface of the teeth, consequently resulting in a straighter smile for the patient. Despite these fixed appliances traditionally using metal wires and brackets to guide the teeth into a desired position, modern surgeries are now also offering ‘tooth coloured’ alternatives to help their patients achieve their dream smile more discreetly.

Lingual braces are fixed on the backs of the patient’s teeth, so they are also hidden from view.

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