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In recent years dental technology has taken some major leaps forward, this has allowed dentists to offer their patients more options than ever before. One area where new options have become available is braces, now there are less intrusive options that are also less visible to others.

Clear Braces Direct is a specialised dental practice in London offering the new technologies for braces to patients living around England’s capital city.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are exactly what the name suggests, making them virtually invisible to the human eye. There are two types, fixed and removable, both offering different benefits to the patient using them for the alignment of teeth.

Clear brackets and wire braces are fitted so that they are mounted onto the teeth, allowing them to remain in place throughout treatment. Removable braces are aligners that are crafted to meet the individual patient. They are designed to be easily placed over the teeth by the patient themselves.

Where the more traditional braces are designed to pull the teeth into the desired positioning, the new breed of clear bracing technology is designed to push the teeth into place by creating pressure points within the aligner being used.

Knowing if you need braces

If you suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth, then you may want to consider whether you need to have some form of treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth. Many people with misaligned teeth may find they have other oral health issues such as bad breath or problems biting and chewing.

These problems can be more severe leading to some people developing problems when speaking.

No need to be embarrassed

One of the main obstacles to patients when accessing these treatments is the feeling of being embarrassed when wearing their braces. This can then lead to a lowering of someone’s self-esteem.

No one wants to be an object for ridicule or bullying, this has been the case in the past as any device being used was visible to others. Modern dental technology has set out to change this, leading to patients feeling more willing to access the treatments they need.

With the modern clear devices, patients find that their braces are virtually invisible to the eyes of others, even when they are looking head-on. This has led to increased confidence from the patient as they now can receive the treatment they need without them feeling like they need to hide their mouth area.

Throughout treatment, patients have the knowledge that they are improving the alignment of their teeth and this will lead to an improved smile that the patient can be proud of.

Get prepared for treatment

Any patient must prepare correctly for treatment before receiving their braces. They need to be encouraged to practice a high level of oral hygiene, teaching them a good brushing and flossing regime will be of benefit and lead to the lessening of any negative effects from wearing braces.

Contact your…

If you feel you need the type of treatment outlined you should contact your dentist to set up a consultation, they can then take you through the options available.

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