8 Useful tips to prevent breast cancer permanently

    According to a Lancet study, only 66.1% of women are surviving out of all who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 2010 to 2014. That is why it is being said that breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases from which a woman can suffer. So, in this article, we will make you aware of the 8 useful tips to avoid breast cancer permanently. Although, there are no sure ways which can assure you that one is safe from breast cancer, but these tips from the breast cancer specialist can help you in lowering the risk.

    1. Keep a check on the weight

    Weight loss tips

    A lady who is being overweight or obese is more likely to get caught by Breast Cancer compared to who is not. After the menopause, the majority of estrogen comes from the fat tissue. This indirectly leads to an increase of estrogen level in the human body, and the raised estrogen level is one of the causes of breast cancer. So, maintain a healthy body especially after menopause. Controlling the body weight will not only help you in preventing breast cancer, but it would also help you in preventing many other diseases too.

    2. Check out the Density of the Breast

    Keeping a check on the density of the breast is the newest method to check the risk of breast cancer. By having a knowledge of breast density, one can get an idea that how likely she is of breast cancer. A lady with dense breast is six times more likely to get breast cancer compared to the one who has less dense breast. Till now, the standard ratio is not defined regarding the density to breast, therefore, the scores given by the doctors are subjective. The ladies with dense breast should go for further screening tests in order to check the presence of cancer cells.

    3. Exercise Regularly

    young women exercising on machine in gym

    One of the most useful tips to avoid Breast Cancer permanently is exercise. One should perform different exercises on the regular basis to keep a check on the weight and health both. According to the American Cancer Society, it is being said that a lady should perform a minimum of 150-minute moderate-intensity exercises or 75-minute of vigorous exercises in a week to stay healthy. Most of the doctors suggest that one should look to exercise for 30 minutes every morning to attain a good health.

    4. Look to avoid Alcohol and Smoke

    quit smoking

    All the females are advised to avoid alcohol and smoke. The lady who consumes 2 to 3 drinks of alcohol daily is 20% more prone to breast cancer compared to the one who never drinks. Practicing smoking and drinking collectively can be even worse for you.

    5. Eat the right foods every day

    Most of the researches have shown that your eating habit or diet imposes a major impact on cancer prevention. So, your diet can help you in avoiding the breast cancer permanently. The Harvard Research says that the lady with higher carotenoid levels is 19% less likely to get breast cancer. The food items which are high in carotenoid are leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and red peppers. Also, the high consumption level of phytonutrients like sulforaphane is beneficial in preventing breast cancer. The food items from which you can get sulforaphane are garden cress, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

    6. Avoid unnecessary screening tests

    It is suggested to avoid ionizing radiation as they impose a risk of DNA Mutation in cells. The researches have shown up that the lady with frequent to screening tests is at a higher risk. Therefore, whenever a doctor asks you to undergo an x-ray or any other radiation test, consult it twice with the doctor that it is really necessary.

    7. Limit hormone replacement therapy

    Hormone Replacement Therapy is performed to control the symptoms of menopause like night sweats, hot flashes, etc. Also, the researchers have shown that the postmenopausal women who are taking a combination of estrogen and progestin are more prone to catch Breast Cancer. Therefore, it suggested to avoid or limit hormone replacement therapy by looking for the alternative options to control the symptoms of menopause. Still, if you are going with hormone replacement therapy, take the minimum dose required.

    8. Consider breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is another useful tips to avoid breast cancer permanently. Women who are consistently breastfeeding their child for the first 6 months is 10% less likely to get caused by breast cancer.

    These are the 8 useful tips to avoid breast cancer permanently. Other than all these tips, one should also look at the medical history of their family. If anyone has suffered from cancer in the past, then there is a possibility that you can get caught by cancer cells. So, go for regular health check-ups to keep an eye on it.

    Follows all the above-mentioned tips strictly in order to permanently avoid the risk of breast cancer. For any query, do ask them through comments, we would love to hear from you.

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