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When it comes to wanting to find dental implants in Brentwood, you may want to consider what Coptfold Dental has to offer you. Here you will find a dental practice that aims to offer the latest in high-quality professional care, along with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned personal service.

Whatever your reason for feeling you need to have dental implants, you can rest assured that the dentist at Coptfold Dental will listen, showing you complete understanding and offering accurate advice and guiding you to the right choice of treatment.

Loss of teeth

Some people who have experience look at various ways of replacing the lost tooth or teeth, bridges are one common solution. Bridges are a device that can be placed in the mouth when needed but due to the fact they are not permanently in place,  patients report issues around them moving and slipping out of place.

Bridges also have other problems, such as breakage, that are not associated with dental implants. Rigidly fixed in place, implants are used to provide a long-term solution to the problems caused by tooth loss.

Once the implant is placed in the jawbone it can help support any of the teeth surrounding it. This helps to prevent further damage to the area of the mouth that has been affected by the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth.

Patients who have received these implants, find that they can use them just like they use the teeth that have been replaced. These dental implants have been designed to be hard-wearing and can last the patient a lifetime if cared for correctly.

An alternative to dentures

For patients who require dentures but may be experiencing problems when using traditional dentures, implants may offer an alternative solution that is more suitable for their daily needs.

It is recognised that many patients wearing dentures report that they can feel the dentures moving or slipping around in the mouth. This leads to many patients feeling self-conscious about their mouth.

In some cases, a patient wearing dentures may use their hand to cover the mouth, to hide the fact they are wearing dentures. It has also been reported that many denture wearing patients feel the need to be careful about what they eat, this can lead to them not wanting to eat outside of their house

Because implants are fixed in place, they offer a solid alternative to the use of dentures. Many patients who have received implants have reported a remarkable improvement in their daily life after the treatment has been provided.

With this improvement in the quality of life comes a strengthening of the patient’s self-esteem and well-being. Many also report a reduced need to be careful about what they eat, this means they can eat the foods they enjoy and makes them more likely to go out to a family meal in a restaurant.

After receiving implants, the feeling that leads to the need to hide the mouth soon disappears and many patients talk of how they feel their smile has returned into their life.

Have you thought about looking into dental implants as a solution for your needs?

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