How Does Excessive Alcohol Consumption Affect the Body?

Many of us enjoy drinking alcohol. In fact, alcohol is most widely used social drugs in many countries like Australia, USA, and UK etc. Like all the drugs, Alcohol can also have bad effect to our body especially for those who drink too much alcohol in their daily life.  Apart from that, small amount of drink can also have associated with the numbers of diseases including cancers.

Alcohol can also affect our body in various ways, some affects are visible immediately and some last only a while. Even, some affect are not visible, they affects your body physical health and mental health slowly. It can also affect your all quality of life.

How alcohol affects your body it will depend on your daily consumption of the drink and the pattern of your drinking alcohol. Even, it will also depend on your body size, age, genetics, metabolism, drinking experience and other type of social factors.

The short – Term affects of Alcohol

Here are the short time affect if you drink too much alcohol in festival time or any occasion.

  • Anti Social
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Accidental falls
  • Violent behaviour
  • Hangover
  • Mental faction
  • Dehydration

These are the short term effect if anyone drinks alcohol in the time of any occasion but some other factors depends body hydration and food consumption also.

The Long Term affects of Alcohol

According to the historical believed that if anyone consumed more than two standard drinks in their daily life can cause long term health problem. Apart from that, it can also increase the risk of chronic disease development.

According to the WHO, Alcohol can also contribute more than 200+ different types of diseases on your body.

Here are the most common diseases if anyone can consume too much alcohol in their daily life.

  • Road accident
  • Public violence
  • Family breakup
  • Anti Social
  • Crime
  • Chronic disease development
  • Cancer
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Diabetes
  •  Nutrition deficiency
  • Mental health issues
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Suicide
  • Crime

The report of 2016 by the WHO, 5.3% of the death in globally was caused by the alcohol. Even, the men death rate is higher than woman death. Of course, long-term alcohol abuse can lead to a higher risk of dangerous driving or driving under the influence, which sadly results in death and injury for not just the driver but for others, too. You can check this info on personal injury law and what it involves for those claiming against a negligent driver. 

In a long term of consumption of the drink can affect your personal life, physical life, work, relationship, mental health and finance.

Alcohol poisoning emergency

Many of time, too much drinking of alcohol can have serious affects of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is life threatening emergency, you have to call 102 helpline care number in this case. You have seen that symptoms who have drinking too much alcohol. 

  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Slow breathing
  • Pale skin
  • Lower body temperature
  • Difficulty to remain conscious
  • Unconsciousness

If someone is unconscious and can’t woken up then the person could be high risk of dying. If you see any type of symptoms then seek immediate medical attention.

Binge drinking and how it affects your body

The binge drinking means drink heavily within short time of period with attention to immediate hangover. In short term, a binge drinking can cause alcohol poisoning, violence and hangover.

The binge drinking may cause long term of issues like heart disease, diabetes and liver failure.   

How you can reduce the affects of alcohol from your body?

If you want to avoid the bad affects of alcohol from your body then it’s important to not drink alcohol. This is important especially for the woman who is get pregnant or breastfeeding. There is no safe level to use alcohol.

If you are addicted with the alcohol then choose low level drinking for your body then heavy drinking or binge drinking.

You can follow these tips

  • Drinking no more than 5 standard drink in a week reduce the risk of alcohol harm on your body.
  • Drinking no more than 1 standard drinks.
  • Try to choose less drink. It can lower the risk of alcohol related harm. If you choose the not drinking option at all is the safest thing.

It’s important to monitor your alcohol consumption to stay healthy in your life. Apart from that, Alcohol consumption can cause weight gain and obesity.


A long term consumption of alcohol can affect your physical health and behaviour so it’s the best time to good bye to drink the alcohol and live a strong and healthy life. If you find anyone with these symptoms then call medical helpline care.

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