How to attain that perfect look with party-wear sarees

We often find it difficult to attain that perfect look while going to parties. We either end up attending the occasions, overdressed or underdressed. We often don’t get proper guidance on how to attain a great look in Indian sarees, by not going OTT, yet look ravishing and exquisite.

What is most important is that this look cannot only be completed with designer sarees single handedly. You would need the right kind of outfit, makeup, jewellery, hairdo, footwear and accessories. Want to know how to go for that look that will definitely, definitely grab some eyeballs? This article will guide you thoroughly.

What’s your choice of colour?

There is nothing really right or wrong about colours. Pay no heed to people telling you that you need to wear colours that suit your complexion. All you need is self-confidence. Whatever may be your skin tone, you can carry off any colour off the palette just with confidence. You will glow anyway.

Choose a shade you like. Be it a bright shade of mustard yellow, or wine red, parrot green or midnight blue, all look great on Indian sarees. You can choose one from bright shades or the trending pastel shades. If you’re not the experimenting ones, and feel hesitant about trying out new, bright shades, go on with a colour you are comfortable in. Trust me, people won’t judge you if you are confident.

Keep a note of the handiwork

As mentioned earlier, do not go over the top. Embroideries and embellishments look good but too much of those will spoil the look. You can either opt for a designer, embroidered/embellished blouse, and pair a plain saree with it, or vice versa.

Keep your age in mind, and if it is a wedding party, remember that the bride is not your competitor. You would rather look prettier with less work on the saree.

Also, for parties, try to opt the fancy embroideries, and not the traditional thread work. Wear what suits the occasion.

Choose a suitable saree style for the occasion

As there are no strict rules for colours, there isn’t really a strict rule for the saree style. While the young fashionistas can go for ruffled sarees, cape style blouses, crop tops and jackets replaced with blouses, designer lehenga sarees, etc, the elder ones can go for their favourite, traditional silk sarees, in single or dual colours, bright and gorgeous.

Now, comes the tricky part, the accessories.


The right kind of jewellery completes a look. Even if your attire, makeup is on point, inappropriate jewelleries might ruin all your efforts. Try and bring a balance in the jewelleries you are choosing.

If you want to go for heavy earrings, go for it and pair with bangles. If you choose to wear a necklace, then ditch the earrings and pair with it, just a finger ring. You can mix and match your jewelleries, just remember to keep it light.

You can also go for a maang teeka and necklace and let your tresses do the rest of the talking.


Make sure to wear the footwear that matches with your designer saree. We would suggest going for a footwear that has a little heel so that you don’t trip on to the saree, and carry it gracefully.

Bags and clutches:

With a saree, it’s better to opt for a clutch or designer sling bag. An embroidered clutch bag looks classy and also comes with a sling, making it easy for you to carry it around. A clutch bag has the right amount of space to carry your bare minimum, a lipstick, face powder, a few tissues, your cards and cellphone.


There is again no grammar for hairdos. You can keep it sleek or messy, in a bun or braid, or just straighten or blow dry your hair and keep it open. For a traditional Indian saree, a low bun with flowers can never go wrong. For a modern take, you can side swept your hair and do a neat bun near your nape.

For more hairdo inspirations, you can follow the varied looks of your favourite actresses, and try them out. But if you have long hair, try not to keep it open. You might not be able to manage both your pallu and open hair altogether, very gracefully.

To rock that perfect look, all you need to do is maintain a balance. We know you already look super gorgeous in designer sarees, but till now probably haven’t attained the perfect look as you had expected to achieve. But this easy guide will surely help you to achieve the look you want, and be the showstopper wherever you go!

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