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Different saree draping styles for weddings, Receptions and party!

Group of girls in Saree

Are You searching for some different saree draping styles  for the next party you are heading to? Decades have passed but Saree is still the Indian women’s most favored dressing garment for any special occasion. Indian or not we would all agree how 9-yard long look unquestionably charismatic and exudes out the feminine grace and beauty like no other.

We have grown up hearing “India is a land of diversity” and it has certainly impacted the Saree draping styles. Besides some conventional styles, designers and celebrities also keep inspiring up with their innovative and wowing looks with Saree.

Saree is no longer just to be worn at the wedding or formal events. It can take your personal style quotient up the notch especially by experimenting with your different styles of draping a saree.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about some of the incredible draping styles, regional as well as the designer, you might start reconsidering this attire if you haven’t worn this for a long time.

Let’s explore these styles and trust us, some of them would be totally new to you, there is something for everyone pleasing your mood, taste and your inner diva.

Latest Saree Draping Styles of 2018


1. Nivi style drape

We cannot start the journey without mentioning this saree draping style first.

It’s a most common in north India, commonly known as the ‘ulta pallu’ and said to be originating from Andhra Pradesh. It’s is quite easy and basic method, where you gather one end to make pleats and secure it with or brooch.