The 7 ‘P’s to a successful website for dental health

Personalising a website is one of the key factors that needs to be addressed if a particular individual is looking to see success with building their business in a digital environment. By both understanding and respecting the importance of standing out in a world where consumers are bombarded with information, those striving for success can reach their goals.

With more than 1000 dental websites produced over 16 years, business coach Chris Barrow certainly has a wealth of experience when it comes to developing award winning websites. He has discovered a formula that ensures that a dentist’s authentic self shines through and encourages those who feel connected with their values to get in touch, enabling a more successful outcome whereby the right clients are sourced consistently and effectively.

Without further ado, the 7 ‘P’s are profile, people, premises, prices, promises, proof and products. With these concepts firmly embedded into the foundations of dental marketing, experienced specialists are able to quickly and effectively express the right message through a website for those who need it to obtain the right information.

This, in essence, alongside other key features, is how any website can stand out from the competition and quickly advance through the ranks to feature on the much desired and often elusive Google page one.

What do each of these ‘P’s mean?

By understanding the key points to each of these concepts, individuals are able to determine what is likely to need divulging to the marketing experts who have been assigned the role of developing a website for them.

Profile explains how the homepage, within 5 seconds, should allow a targeted visitor to feel like they are in the right place and have found the right dentist for them. This section needs to be quickly downloaded so therefore should be concise in its information, yet precise enough to portray a business’s individuality and how they stand out from other competitors.

Portraying the people visually within the website is an effective tool that develops familiarity, something that is necessary in particular with dental websites. Patients will feel more welcome to contact a particular practice should they be able to place faces to names, especially when these faces appear friendly and inviting.

Virtual tours of the premises are the new and innovative way to remove any stigma still associated with oral health care. By removing any anxieties, more patients may feel like it is possible for them to get the treatment that they need. In addition to this, a lot of the fear can come from not knowing the expected cost of a treatment, therefore displaying this information on the website has proven to be advantageous to many.

A promise of outstanding customer service, coupled with the proof to back up the claims, should be clearly stated for all to see. In addition to testimonials, full face photographs showing the joy in people’s eyes are extremely useful.

Finally, products are often overlooked, but if a dentist is able to consider personalising their treatments and developing branded experience packages, they are setting a tone that is above the rest and will be rewarded for the effort tenfold.

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