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Top 5 Women’s boot accessories in trend

You may not recognize the significance of the return of cowboy boots in fashion, but there is more to it than meets the eye. This trend has become associated with the American history and identity, yet it is more complex than that.

Women’s boots are an example of a trend that has evolved through the years, from the simple boot that went straight to the ankle to protect your legs and ankles and to those boots that has heels added on them to make riding horses and going on the straddle easier. But as the years gone by, the usage of boots changed as well. As time progressed, it became more decorative; more of a trophy item than something that is actually used to ride horses. There are women who wear western boots while they go around and they even pair them with their jeans and their white shirts or plaid polo shirts.

There are now accessories that are added on women’s boots that can help them shine more and to help them become more fashionable. They are also added to match an overall outfit and so that it can look good with anything that you may have in your wardrobe. The secret into wearing a western boot is pure confidence, and the fact that you know that you are going to rock it no matter what. It is also important that you wear your boots with accessories the way that you mean it.

Gone are the days that you need to wear the boot as it is, there are now ways to make the boots look better. This is also a way to make your western boot a footwear that you can use all year round, since you can change the accessory depending on the season.

With these being said, here are the top 5 women’s boots accessories.

Boot straps

Boot straps are one of the most common boots accessories that are not just for men but for women as well. The material and the design of the boot strap will depend entirely on what kind of style you would want for your boots. There are those that are made of brass, while there are those that are made of leather. For women’s boots, the leather ones are the highly recommended ones as they can be twisted in different parts of the boots and they can styled in any way that you want. There are also those who can change the color of the boot strap depending on the color the boot. There are those who can style to boot strap in any design that they wish, and you can also have it custom made. You can even have images drawn in them.

Boot Bracelet

Boot bracelets are the same as boot straps, but they are made out of lighter materials and they are thinner. Think of an ankle bracelet but for your boots. There are those with pendants, and the pendants will depend entirely on your style and the kind of design that you want. Boot bracelets are usually made out of silver, but there are those that can be made out of bronze or out of gold. You can also twist them in any way that you want and style them in any way that you wish. Pendants are placed in these boot bracelets, just like how you place pendants on your necklace or your bracelet. Heart shaped pendants for boot bracelets are one of the most recommended style for women. You can also have the pendant custom made.

Lace Stretch Boot Cuffs

Lace Stretch Boot Cuffs are very versatile, and they can rock almost any look. These are placed on top of the boots and they can be worn on top of jeans, tights or any bare legs. These are used to protect your legs from the sharp edges of the boots, especially if you are not wearing any jeans. This is also necessary when you are wearing a skirt or a dress while you are wearing your western cowboy boots. The lace cuffs are stretchable, so it is comfortable to wear while you walk. This lace stretch boot cuffs are fashionable too and they look great especially when paired with the proper dress or proper skirt. The boot cuffs are also made for keeping things in between your boots, years ago these boot cuffs is where pistols and knives were placed for protection.

Boot trees

Using your boots everyday may change its form and its stability, that is why boot trees are made. They are used in order to keep your western boots in shape and in order to keep them contemporary, even while they are in storage. Boot trees are inserted into your boots to bring them back into their usual shape, so you can wear your boots for years without looking worn out. They can make boots more comfortable since they can help smooth out linings and the insoles of the boots. It can also prevent cave ins and wrinkling. Boot trees come with different colors, and you can choose which ones you would want for your boot. Some boot trees are made of aromatic cedar wood and they can be adjustable to style your boot in any form.


Insoles are needed not just to make you look taller, but they are made to make your footwear more comfortable. They can also provide warmth and it can help you fit into your footwear. There are boots that already have insoles in them, but there are those that do not, so you need to purchase them separately. Insoles can help remedy simple shoe problems, since heels are difficult to walk on sometimes. Insoles are made of foam, it will not feel comfortable inside your shoe even if you walk around with the insoles in them all day. Insoles are also invented for health reasons, they can help prevent bruising, scratches and other wounds in your feet while you walk around your boots.

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