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    Ultimate guide to get a graphic design career

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    Want to become a professional graphic designer? There are loads of ways to do so. This infographic shows that you can work for charity, network your way into the industry, or even start your own projects to jumpstart your career. But apart from all from all of these, one thing you have to put all your effort into is making your resume. In this day and age, a stand-out resume can ensure you the position. The more eye-catching, scene-stealing, and show-stopping it is, the more they’ll be impressed with you. And usually, that’s the hardest hurdle to jump over: getting their attention.

    Don’t go for a basic minimalist resume when applying for a job as a graphic designer. The whole point of your position to create stunning imagery so start with your resume! Add color, 3D effects, play with photoshop, and more to make your file as attention-grabbing as it can be. You can also incorporate your personal style so that the company will know what they’ll be getting out of you. But despite going all out, you should also remember to make everything legible and readable. If the bosses are having a hard time looking over your resume, chances are they’ll just throw it in a rejected pile.

    Balance is key to graphic design, and none more so than when you’re creating your resume. Make it outstanding but not overwhelming. Make it beautiful and personal, but keep it professional as well. These and more will guarantee you a lucrative career in graphic design.

    Graphic Design Career

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