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    Skincare guide for the skin around your eyes

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    Proper skincare for the skin around the eyes, particularly under eyes skin, is essential for maintaining a youthful appearance and keeping away the earliest sighs of premature aging. This skin is more prone to ageing as it’s more delicate than those on the other parts of the body. Plus, the eyes have to bear a lot of exertion and pressure on a daily basis, from constant blinking to being used for showing emotions, which can wear them out and make them prone to aging. Genetics, poor lifestyle choices, constant exposure to the sun rays can also make the skin take a lot of battering.

    Here are some of the skincare tips to care for the skin around your eyes

    Skincare tips for under eyes skin

    Skincare tips for under eye skin

    1. Moisturize the skin quite often

    Not moisturizing the skin regularly can make it shrink prematurely which eventually leads for the appearance of wrinkles. Like any other body parts, the skin around the eyes to needs hydration on a consistent basis to function  naturally and sty in glowing state. When the skin is dehydrated, signs of lines and wrinkles are bound to surface. You can use face moisturizer as long as it does not cause a stinging sensation to the eyes and when it does, you can always turn to eye cream for proper moisturization.

    2. Always be gentle with the skin

    The skin around the eyes is extremely thought and putting extra pressure through daily activities like removing makeup or applying some cream can lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles. It’s therefore important to be gentle with the skin even when you remove the make up or put some cream on it. You can use a cotton pad to apply or remove eye makeup in a slow manner; or dab the eye cream around the eyes in a smooth manner and get the cream get fully absorbed into the skin slowly.

    3. Take adequate protection against the sun

    Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of ageing. It’s also a big factor in the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. The harmful rays of the sun can also the skin under the eyes go darker. To avoid the sun harm and keep away the damages of UVA rays, apply a sunscreen cream. Also apply the cream to the upper eyelid and if possible, wear sunglasses for UV protection. All this can ensure desired levels of protection against unwanted UVA and UVB rays.

    4. Give yourself a regular massage

    Puffy eyes are common when you’re tired or have not been getting proper sleep. The puffiness will come and go unless you’re completely rested and feeling refreshed. Some swelling under the eyes may also happen due to a meal high in salt, or due to lack or excess sleep. A regular message under the eye can help in such situations as it can make you feel relaxed. The massage can help improve the circulation and also drain the fluid to minimize puffiness. So, treat your eyes with a gentle massage and keep the skin looking fresh and rejuvenating.

    5. Make some changes to your lifestyle habits

    A slight change to lifestyle habits can go a long way in having perfect skin under the eye. The first priority is obviously to get more sleep as this takes away all the stresses and strains of the eye and makes the skin look glowing. Second, eat a balanced diet with foods high in vitamins and minerals like potassium. Drink plenty of water daily to keep the skin adequately hydrated. Take some light exercise and yes, keep away from smoking if the skin is your priority.

    Consider non-surgical options

    Prevention may not always be the best option when it comes to caring for the skin under the eyes. In some cases, treatments don’t respond, and you’re left with just a non-surgical option for fixing the skin problem. From Botox to filler to laser resurfacing, you may need one or the other treatment to restore the vitality of the skin and maintain a youthful look. You can also think of using an anti-wrinkle cream together with consulting a skincare specialist for non-surgical options. All this will help a lot in giving the skin under the eye the best possible care.

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