Acne care tips for teenagers

A beautiful skin is the first thing that meets the eyes. Afterall, it is the largest organ of the body and protects the muscles, internal organs and bones. But there are lots of teens who have acne and that becomes the greatest constraint in their path to having a flawless skin.

When you wake up and find a cold sore at the corner of the mouth, it can be a shock to most of us and the poor teens are not an exception to that. But although it seems that the skin is impossible to manage, you will be surprised to find how easily you can control the pimples.

What is Acne?

Pimple starts when the skin pores get clogged with sebum, a type of oil that normally lubricates the hair and skin. Acne is quite common at the time of puberty. During this phase the skin can trigger an overproduction of sebum as the hormones like androgen go into an overdrive at that time.

The T-zone of the face, that includes the forehead, nose and chin, is the region that is most prone to pimples.

Types of Pimples

  • Blackheads – Black and visible on the surface which cannot be scrubbed away
  • Whiteheads –Under the skin and small
  • Cysts – Painful, clearly visible, get scarred easily and full of pus

Here are some of the most common causes of acne–

  • Genetics
  • Medications of Some Types
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy Make-up Based on Oil

Now that you know about the causes, here are some pieces of advice that you can try to prevent the acne from attacking your skin. Take a look.

Tips to take care of acne in teenagers

1. Don’t Pop the Pimples

This is quite tempting but that is the sole reason why you should not. The infected materials get pushed further into the skin when you pop the pimples. This does not just lead to redness and swelling but even scarring. So if you find a pimple coming before an event, instead of popping, it is better to consult with a dermatologist.

2. Wash Your Face At Least Twice Regularly

It is essential to cleanse the face once in the morning and once in the evening with salicylic acid enriched cleanser. Cleansing helps to do away with impurities like bacteria and excess oil and it is especially essential when you start wearing makeup.

3. Exfoliate the Skin

The dead skin is sloughed away by the exfoliating cleansers and this helps to prevent the pores from being clogged which is one of the main reasons that blackheads and pimples bother you.

4. Don’t Over-exfoliate

However, as opposed to the above point, overdoing the things can never be good. So over-exfoliating with products and cleansers can do more harm than any good. When you do that too often, it can cause inflammation, redness and irritation. When you exfoliate a pimple, it can pull away the healthy skin cells and give rise to an open wound there is an enhanced risk for your skin getting scarred. Exfoliation must be done with caution and not more than 3 times in 1 week at max.

5. Remove Makeup before Hitting the Sack

This is one of the most important things to do to prevent acne. Let the skin breathe and for that it is advisable that you use minimum makeup and remove them prior to going to sleep.

6. Choose the Makeup Wisely

At the time of buying makeup, ensure that you choose the brands that say non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic on the label. You should also do away with the makeup that smell or look different from the time when you first purchased it.

7. Use Sunscreen that Does Not Clog

Some of the sunscreens can trigger acne tough SPF cannot be done away with from your skincare regime. So go for sunscreens that are non-comedogenic and oil-free which are not going to clog the pores. There are many options that you can get, today, that will help you to get the SPF without clogging the pores. Go for them after reviewing the product.

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8. Take Care of Your Hair

You should clean your hair and ensure that it does not come to your face. This will ensure that additional oil and dirt do not clog the pores.

9. Moisturize

Moisturizer do not always worsen your breakouts. Instead it helps to improve the skin. If the surface of the skin is dehydrated and dry, then the oil glands can overproduce the oil and this can deteriorate the acne condition. Instead if you hydrate the skin, your oil glands can get rebalanced and not just control acne but also improve healing. Just opt for light-weight products that are oil-based that are not going to clog the pores.

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Just like the best anti ageing cream can prevent the fine lines and wrinkles to appear and delay the process, similarly these tips will help you to get acne-free and flawless skin that you always desired.

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