Top 5 beauty essentials every girl needs

Every lady has her holy grail makeup items, and some definite musts that she needs to have with her at any given situation. These makeup items can help us look put together at any given point, and in just a few seconds! They come really handy when we are stuck in traffic, at work, or even while waiting for our doctor’s appointment. If you are not too sure what these might be for you, here are some of the most used and carried items in ladies purses, worldwide!

Top 5 beauty essentials every girl needs

1. Lipstick


Can you go anywhere without your lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil, or at least a lip balm? These makeup items are a necessity in women’s bags and clutches since they provide extreme moisture, visible color payoff, and an opportunity to take a bunch of random selfies! A long-lasting lippie will survive through anything. This means that you can go out and have a meal, a drink, as well as a proper date night, and not worry a thing about looking smeared. Lipsticks, if not being liquid, need to be reapplied every 2-3 hours. This will guarantee pigment, and you will feel comfortable in your own skin, with a little bit of that lip color. By the way, these are a must-carry if you love bold options. A dark purple will look so uneven and bad once it comes off, so make sure you stack it in your bag and redo when necessary. A nude on the other hand doesn’t need to be in your bag since it will look acceptable and natural once it comes off, but it wouldn’t hurt you if you carried it, right?

2. Setting Spray

This is a newer invention by makeup companies that didn’t exist 10 years ago, what you can’t really say about lipsticks. Even though this is a newer makeup item, it quickly became every teenagers and women’s must! A setting spray will hold your makeup in place and will come in handy when your skin becomes dry. You can reach for it to add some moisture and seal the deal with only 3 spritzes! Luckily, there are many smaller packages and travel-size options that you can easily stack in your bag. When purchasing one make sure you know what finish to go for. For instance, women who have oily skin usually stick to super matte setting sprays. Women with dry skin love hydrating and luminous ones.

3. Lash Extensions

Lash extensions

This item can’t be found in your makeup bag, but it should be your necessity. Lash extensions should be your eye essential since they have so many benefits for your everyday life. This investment will help you when getting ready in the morning and rushing out the door, working out at the gym, or even crying when watching your favorite movie (yes, they can even help you out with this). How you ask? Here are your answers:

– No reason to apply mascara

You can look well put since permanent eyelash extensions are voluminous and luscious on their own. Lash extensions don’t demand any lash curlers or even strip lashes. This means that you will get ready so much faster in the morning and that you will save plenty of time, as well as mascara tubes.

– Water-resistant

You can swim with them or even cry, and they will stay in place. If you are someone who travels a lot and you love going to the beach, you will prefer them over strip lashes or your favorite mascara since they can’t move, anywhere! Also, they are the perfect solution for gym lovers and those who wish to look cute while working out.

4. Perfume & Deodorant


These two need no introduction, do they? If you are someone who loves to smell nice make sure you always have your favorite and trustworthy perfumes and deodorants with you. You can carry a roll-on since it won’t leave any stains, as long as you let it dry. Perfume-wise, this can also be a roll-on since it won’t take as much of space in your bag as your standard perfume would. Just make sure you are careful with it, especially if you are dealing with some Gucci, Dior, Lancome, or other expensive options.

5. Powder & Bronzer

Powder Foundation

Constant reapplication or at least touch-ups are a must. Make sure you bring your compact powder, as well as your holy grail bronzer no matter where you go. These two will have to be reapplied every here and there, especially if you are going to be exposed to a lot of sun, sweat, or rain. Take a small powder puff and press the product deep into your skin once it falls apart or starts looking oily. Bronzer wise, take your favorite bronzer and carry a small synthetic brush with you. Add it in circular motions over the entire face when in need for some color and dimension.

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