20 Must have hair accessories every woman should have

Women have always been very particular about their hair style. They know when to make a bun, when to make simple braids or when to leave it open and let them dance with the light breeze. But many a times especially when you need to attend a party or going on a dinner date you might plan of doing a particular hair style but you run out of hair accessories.

So, here are twenty different accessories for you that you must have to get party look instantly. All you need to do is learn some hacks and use them differently.

1. Bobby pins

This are mainly needed when you are attending a party or any huge formal event.  They are used mainly in making top knot buns, bouffant buns and other such buns like that. They make your hairstyle look more elegant and sophisticated.

2. Instant bun makers

The best hair accessories to use when you are running late for college, office or any meet up. This will help in making a bun in just a couple of minutes and it also makes you look smart. Messy buns are very common these days which are very easy to make using these instant bun makers.

3. Knit headband

This is something which will protect your ears from the chilly winter and will also make you look cute. They are very adorable and you can easily keep your hair open. And if you get time you can also try knitting them on your own.

4. Satin ponytail holders

Again one of the most adorable hair accessories you can have in your collection. You can make a high ponytail with it and look like a school girl all over again. It goes really well with cute floral dresses, skirts and anything that is western and colorful.

5. Metal ponytail ties

Want to look at a little classy and glamorous? Use them to tie your hair especially when you are thinking of making fish tail braids or even normal braids. This gives you a very ramp like dashing look.

6. Hair scarves

Well, these are one of my favorite hair accessories. This gives you an exceptional look. You can also buy normal scarves and fold them and use them as a hair accessory. It gives you a retro look blended with modern styles.

7. Headbands

They mainly go with a party wear like lbd and also with nude colored playsuits that are mainly for beach wears or the one you picked up for a friend’s birthday party. They make you look very fashionable and feminine.

8. Floral hair clips

You can simply put it on the side of your head or a big floral clip on the side of your bun especially for your prom night. They will go with satin dresses and you can also put them if you are attending a wedding.

9. Hair Brooch

They will go best with Indian attire especially when you are attending a wedding or any kind of cultural festival. They give an extremely royal outlook and definitely establish a style statement wherever you go.

10. Casual hair ties

They are needed especially when you are going for a workout or travelling by a bus. Just make a pony or even a bun with it and your hair won’t get all fuzzy again.

11. Barettes

You can wear them with a maxi dress, a floral dress or a bright long skirt. They are extremely pretty and are available in many colors and designs. So, next time you try a dress or a skirt, make your hair look even better with a couple of barettes.

12. Hair chain headband

They look stunning especially on those women having long hair. You can prefer them in metallics especially silver and golden which looks completely awesome.

13. Hair pin

They are mostly used to roll your hair, make a bun and and put the hair pin. They are very common in wooden textures especially among Bengali people and are also available in various different styles and materials.

14. Hair combs

A perfect hair comb with embedded precious stones is more than just a hair accessory. It’s beautiful and perfect for someone wearing a white gown and walking down the aisle. But you can definitely put them in other occasions.

15. Crochet slouch hat

One of the best hair accessories for the winter days. Just wear a fur jacket, jeans and boots to pair it up with it and you are ready to rock the winter fashion.

16. Big hats

What can be better than big oversized hat to complement your look on a bright sunny day. They are perfect for beach outfits and gives a funky look.

17. Flower tiara

They are very pretty and goes with almost every outfit starting from dresses, shorts, skirts and other western outfits. Just keep your hair open and put a beautiful tiara on your head to get a completely adorable look.

18. Clutchers

When you simply have no idea about what to do with your hair just assemble them together slightly fold them in a shape of a bun and put a clutchers. They are very useful on those summer seasons when you definitely don’t want to keep your hair open.

19. Caps

They look really smart especially when you wear them with boyfriend jeans and T-shirts. You can also wear them while you are working out and protect yourself from sun.

20. Hair comb

Everyone buys it atleast once in their lifetime for it is very useful especially when you don’t want your hair to fall on your face. You can just put it as a headband and leave rest of your hair open or tie your hair after putting it.

So, buy these twenty items as they are always going to be useful and can make major fashion hairstyles with them.

Krati Agarwal
Krati Agarwal
A Fashion, Motivation and a Lifestyle writer. I have a keen interest in creating new content. I love experimenting things. I am an engineer by profession but a writer by passion. Follow my journey on Instagram @boldblushblog and website.

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