10 Reasons why you need Multani Mitti for natural Glow

Passed down through generations, and packed with active skin-enhancing ingredients, Multani Mitti, also known as Fuller’s Earth is no secret to the skincare industry. This age-old remedy that is easily available at convenience stores is not just a beauty mask but works as an exfoliator, deep cleanser, toner and more to boost your skin’s natural radiance. Use it alone or mix it with your weekly beauty pack, the results are beyond satisfying. Oily skin? Gone. Blackheads? Gone. Lifeless and dull skin? GONE. Don’t believe us? Ask your mom or granny!

This clay-like creamy formula has been driving beauty fanatics to explore natural skin-nourishing ingredients in the era of chemical-based cleansers and exfoliators. And considering how your erratic lifestyles and diets can harm your skin, Multani Mitti has this incredibly cooling effect that along with its multi-beneficial properties can be wondrous for any skin type. Still, wondering why it should be a part of your skincare routine? Read on as we have listed top 10 Multani mitti benefits for your skin!

Fuller's Earth - Multani Mitti

10 Reasons why you need Multani Mitti for natural Glow

1. Natural Exfoliator

Exfoliation is that part of the skin routine that should never be skipped. For naturally glowing skin, it’s important to get rid of the dead skin cells and there’s no better and natural way to do it than by including Multani mitti in a skincare routine. It acts as a deep exfoliator that not only eliminates the dead skin cells but also removes impurities, tightens and evens out the skin appearance.

2. Deep Cleanser

When it comes to oily skin, deep cleansing is a must to remove the excess oil and sebum that if ignored, could lead to breakouts! Multani mitti is a natural absorbent that pulls out the excess oil, dirt, and sebum without disturbing the natural oils. While it dries, it reaches out to the deepest layer of the pores to absorb the impurities thus leaving your skin looking clean and less prone to zits and pimples.

3. Toner

Why spend on those expensive salon-trips when you can get evenly toned skin in the comforts of your home. Applying a Multani mitti beauty mask once a week can tone your skin naturally without causing blisters or redness.

4. Open pores

If blackhead marks and open pores are bothering you, include Multani mitti in the skincare routine. Enlarged pores, pigmentation, marks or be it scars, this natural clay phenomenon is no less than a Holy Grail for vibrant and healthy skin. It’s skin-tightening quality help shrink pores and lighten blackhead marks and scars too.

5. Tan and skin burns

Nobody likes those suntan and skin blisters, but salon treatments are expensive, plus the chemical-based scrubs used for aggressive de-tanning can end up causing more harm than good. Multani mitti, on the other hand, has super exfoliating qualities and has been used by women to remove tan and heal sunburns.

6. Revitalizer

Besides being an exfoliator and cleanser, Multani mitti is also a natural cooling agent. And with summer upon us, there’s no better way to revitalize and refresh your skin than with this! You can go the extra mile by mixing Multani mitti with rose water and adding cucumber extract or juice for an all-out cooling experience this summer.

7. Dark circles

It’s not easy to get rid of dark circles no matter how many cool patches and tea bags you pamper them with. Fuller’s earth has been used by skin healers for its supreme fading and healing qualities, hence making it apt for treating dark circles too. Use it more than once a week and maintain a healthy sleep pattern to get rid of those dreadful circles once and for all.

8. Blackheads and pimples

Did you know Multani mitti has anti-bacterial properties as well? So, whether you are suffering from breakouts, zits or pimples, Multani mitti counters the bacteria and heals from the core. Bonus, it helps prevent relapse too! No wonder most of the Ayurvedic and organic brands include Multani mitti in skincare product as an active ingredient.

9. Fine lines and wrinkles

Multani mitti benefits may not work on deep wrinkles but it doubles up as a skin-tightening agent to tackles fine lines and light creases. Considering the pack dries up, it tightens and tones the skin making it appear even, healthier and younger-looking over time.

10. Radiant Skin

Other than exfoliating, deep cleansing and toning, fuller’s earth nourishes the skin as well. Its active and healing properties repair the skin’s layer leaving it soft, supple and glowing naturally.

There you have it, those are 10 of the many Multani mitti benefits that your skin deserves! There’s a reason why it continues to be a frontrunner in the skincare industry despite being one of the oldest beauty remedies in the world. Making people fall in love with their natural glow without drilling a hole in pockets, watch your skin go from boring to beautiful with Multani mitti’s all-natural and multi-healing properties.

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