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8 Ultimate tips to treat dull, tired eyes and keep them beautiful this summer

beautiful eyes with natural remedies

One of the first thing someone notices in a person is the person’s eyes. You can spend any amount of time and money on your skin care, but if your eyes don’t appear rested and beautiful, your beauty is flawed. Now, this summer heat can definitely leave your eyes in an odd situation from where you have to fight yourself out. Some of the common symptoms faced in terms of eyes are burning sensation, itching, dryness and dark circles. Owing to the harsh sun and dusty warm wind (called a loo in India) eye allergies are quite common too. But, don’t worry, it’s not too hard to defeat stressed and irritated eyes. These beauty tips will help you in keeping your eyes nourished and healthy.


1. Cold Water

Water might be the simplest ingredient at your house, but it’s very valuable. There’s nothing more refreshing that a glass of cold water during summer heat. You should splash your eyes with water several times a day. Your eyes will immediately feel rejuvenated. You can also place cottons pads sodden with chill water for 10-15 minutes. This will constrict the blood vessels and relax the eyes. You should also drink a lot of water during summers (or, even otherwise).