5 Must carry beauty items for solo female traveler

Being a solo traveler is hard as it is. If you subtract the travelling experience and joy of it, you will see that there is actually a lot of serious errands that needs to be done. And if you are a female solo traveler, it gets a lot harder.

Let’s look at 5 essentials that you should always carry as a solo female traveler. Shall we?

1. Sunscreen

It is the MOST essential and important beauty product that you absolutely must not forget to take along. Sunscreens will help you to keep the skin from burning and being affected by the sun’s UV ray and other harmful elements. Please use a good, well known branded sunscreens as they deliver in a greater extent. Usually all sunscreen products are well balanced when it comes to the SPF or PH balance.

But still, we recommend a n SPF 50+ sunscreen with a PA+++ just to be extra safe. If your sunscreen is not the same as this, that is okay, if your travel plans are light and does not involve being under the harsh sun all day long. If you have oily skin, go for the ones that come with oil control system because more often than not sunscreens tend to make out skin oily. So choose accordingly.

2. Lipstick

What girl would go without her lipstick? It is one beauty product that us female individuals cannot live without. A lipstick is also a product, which is more than enough to carry a soft beautiful look even if you have no other make up on. Take your favorite shade but along with that, we recommend you take both nudes (for everyday use) and one or two darker shades in case you find yourself in a party. But whichever you choose, make sure that the lipstick is matt and water and smudge resistant.

Because glossy lipsticks will not last longer and you will not have time to put it on after time to time. Also, they will go away if you eat or drink. So it is better if you use matt lipsticks because they will stay all day long and will take care of your lips too as most of the matt lipsticks have lip primer embedded in them

3. Eye Wear

Keep it very light. A simple eye pencil, a liquid eye liner and a mascara would be perfect for any kind of look that you will be trying on. Since you are travelling you wouldn’t even need more than this and it will save you many space in your backpack as well. But if you must, and wish to put eye shadow on, go for those little palettes that have both smoky and nude shades and is smaller in size as well. These few eye makeup should get you covered for the rest of your trip.

4. Foundation and Compact Powder

Another two important products that go hand in hand. Carry a small foundation with you, that obviously matches with your skin tone and will not wear off too quickly. It is very important for your foundation to last all day long, and also fit your skin because you do not want to look different than your original skin tone, not too white and not too dark either, try to keep them as natural as possible.

With foundation you will need a compact powder that will perfectly complete your look and you wouldn’t need to worry about a single thing. A foundation also helps to protect your skin from the sun along with the sunscreen. If you want to cover your scars of imperfections of your skin when your travelling and meeting new people, this might come in handy. Also, another fact is that you might need one or two products more along with these two. and those are a primer and a concealer.

However, these two are optional. If you want your space to be as free as it can, it is not necessary but you can take it if you are serious about your skin looking good. The concealer will cover the dark spots and the primer will keep the foundation properly blended with your skin. Of course, do not forget to take the blender or brush, whichever it is that you use.

5. Body Spray

Carry at least one body spray and one deodorant with you because keeping your hygiene and smelling nice is very important. We wouldn’t recommend perfumes because it is not safe to carry them. They come in glass containers and they could fall and break any time. Also, there is no need for them to be used when you are travelling in the first place. A simple body spray is more than enough. A body spray and a deodorant will not only make you smell good but it will also prevent the sweating and germs that occur from the sweat. So these two will be more than enough.

These five beauty products are a must take when a female solo traveler is on the go. But except for these five beauty products, there can be more essentials for example a moisturizer or a lip balm, sanitary products and more. You could take them with your according to your convenience and your need. But, if you would like to keep it precise, the mentioned five products will keep you good to go.

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