5 Awesome ways to use rose water for a glowing skin

Rose water is often used by lots of people in their day to day life to take care of their beauty regime. This unique ingredient is a having lots of health benefits, and it can even help in getting the naturally glowing skin.

Almost all people know about the rose water, but if you don’t means, It is a liquid which is made from water and rose petals.

This fantastic liquid is usually used as perfume because of its sweet and refreshing scent. Along with these it also provides lots of medical benefits and even gets you naturally glowing skin.

Now, after seeing this, you might be wondering what are the benefits of rose water? Right?

If you are wondering about that means don’t worry, I am going to cover everything in this article.

Benefits are Rosewater

Rose water is having lots of health and beauty benefits. Here I am going to say a few beauty benefits of rose water so that you can quickly understand whether to choose rose water or not.

1. Protects your skin

Skin is a crucial part of the body organs because it acts as the barrier against the harmful UV radiations and chemicals. That’s why people always try to protect skin.

Rose water has antioxidants which are helpful in protecting your skin against the skin damages. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial to soothe the irritations of your skin.

2. Respiratory Problems

Rose water can treat a sore throat because of its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. It can even act as the relaxant for the throat muscles.

3. Prevents acne

Rose water is used to remove excess oils on your face and can decrease the growth of acne bacteria. So, it can quickly diminish the acne on your face.

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4. Infections

You can often treat infections with the help of rose water because of its antiseptic properties. It can prompt creation of histamines from the immune system. That’s why it useful for treating infections.

5. Balances skin pH levels

Usually balancing pH levels are essential to stay away from acne and other bacteria. So, rose water is helpful in restoring the skin pH levels.

6. Slows Aging

Generally, your skin ages faster because of the harmful UV rays, stress, harsh chemicals and so on. All these factors can damage your skin. So, to prevent this, you can use rose water because it helps in tackling and neutralizing the bacteria.

These are some of the benefits of rose water. Along with these, you can also have a lot more benefits like reduces puffiness, hydrates skin, refreshes your skin and so on.

Until now we have seen the benefits of rose water. Now, let’s get to the main point.

5 Awesome ways to use rosewater for glowing skin

As you are trying harder to get glowing skin?

Follow these awesome ways to use rosewater for glowing skin.

1. Use Rosewater as A Toner:

If you want a glowing skin means you have to take advantage of rose water benefits. You can use rose water as a toner to glow your skin.

This is one of the best ways to use rose water for glowing skin. Here all you need for this process is pure rose water and a cotton pad.


  • Firstly, wash your face.
  • Then saturate a cotton pad with rose water.
  • Directly dab the cotton pad on your cleansed face.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and let the rose water dry.

Repeat this process for a couple of time daily to get good results.

If you have oily skin means you can combine 5 ml of apple cider vinegar along with 50ml of rose water. For, dry Skin takes 30 ml of rose water and add 5 ml of glycerin and apple cider vinegar.

2. Use Rosewater to treat sunburns and rashes:

Sunburns and rashes always make people uncomfortable. People want to treat them ASAP. So, if you are the one who is suffering from sunburns and rashes? Use rose water to manage them.


  • Take tulsi leaves and rose water.
  • Crush the tulsi leaves and merely add that past to the rose water.
  • After that keep that mixture in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  • Spray that mixture on the affected areas.

This process can help you to get rid of sunburns and rashes. As the tulsi leaves have amazing cooling properties, these can help you to clam your skin. It can even heal all the red and itchy patches which are present on your skin.

3. Use Rosewater as a moisturizer:

Rose water is one of the best natural moisturizers which you can use to get better results. If you are try hard to moisturizer, your hard, dry skin means you can use this method it will hydrate your skin in no time.


  • Firstly, take a three tablespoon of pure rose water, 1 tbsp glycerin and 1 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil.
  • Pour all the ingredients into a small bottle.
  • Then shake that bottle well to combine all.
  • Then take a small amount of the mixture and apply onto your skin.

This gives good results for you. You can use this mixture twice a day. In this mixture the glycerin & coconut oil help your skin to hydrate. Rose water will get a fresh feel for your skin and protects your skin.

4. Use Rosewater a cleanser:

Cleansers are often used lots of people to stay fresh. Rose water can be useful to create cleanser as well. Have a look at the process of making a cleanser with rose water.


  • Firstly, you to take pure rose water, a spray bottle, and some tissues.
  • Pour the pure rose water into the spray bottle and just spray it on your face until it is wet.
  • Then let that water stay on your face for about 20 – 30 seconds.
  • After that proceed to wipe the water with the help of tissues.

To get better results from this process, you can use 3-5 times a day. Here the rose water eliminates all the dirt and sweat and makes your skin fresh again.

5. Use Rosewater for acne treatment:

Rose water is used to decrease acne bacteria growth, and it can help you to prevent acne. So, follow this process to avoid acne.


  • In this process, you have to take one tablespoon of lemon and rose water.
  • Firstly, mix the ingredients well until they are thoroughly combined.
  • Then, apply this mixture on your affected areas.
  • Leave it for amount 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

This process helps you to get rid of the acne. To get better results to use this process at least thrice in a week.

Now I’d like to hear from you

Which process are you going to try first?

Are you going to use these methods?


Do you have better methods than these?

Either way, let me know in the comment section right below now.

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